Xbox Users Can Check Their Reputation

See how many times you’ve been reported, and for what

I’ve only been reported once. Apparently.

yeah, about that…


WTF your gamertag? I know how that is. I know someone from 2O2S reported me when my tag was IIBulletOrgyII.

Lala only reports me for being Canadian.


I have only been reported 4 times. Not too bad considering I have so many fans. Probably since it only shows the last 6 months.

Unsporting. Nice.

Clear sheet. Helps to only watch Netflix on xbox. :rofl:

Just reported you for being a Quitter!


Mine is clean - but it is only over the last 6 months and I’ve probably only logged onto my 360 about 3 times in that.


Well the DVR one appears to be older than 6 months…

Someone is trolling me. I NEVER do well enough in any game to imaging I’m cheating.

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You we’re probably “haxxing” bro.

I seen how @xxxNAILBUNNYxxx plays. He wasn’t haxxing. He was feeding the other team.


I know Lala was a cheater, now the evidence is visible

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I’m trying to figure out what game I was so good at that someone thought I was cheating. I should play that game more.


I get several hate messages a week playing world of tanks. Not sure what I do to piss people off.


I’m very disappointed to find that no one reported me for anything. Gotta try harder…

Keep up the good work @koldfront_kraig, got to maintain that reputation.

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