[XBX1] Last Wish Tater Raid 9pm Saturday 11/3

@destinyplayers…onward to Shuro Chi plates

*All are welcome. This is designed to be a fun teamwork exercise that awards us good raid gear. *(we are thinking 550 is probably the LL floor). Please sign up below so we can plan for 1, 2 or 3 raid teams. Signups have priority over show-ups. We will start filling open slots by 9:15 unless you let us know you are running late and maybe we will hold your slot.

nice clean watch to see it done

I’m down.

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Shuro Chi plates: here’s my thought on how to quickly clear this

Basically same numbering as your phone and the same strategy as the doors…

  1. plate team of 4 numbered 1-4
  2. plates numbered 1-9 top left to bottom right
  3. 1st open spot #1 second open spot #2
  4. use your add clears team as backup if it works out be a repeat…ex: Zeke swap Valiant
  5. as shown in the awesome excel visual aid, plate numbering is referenced to pic you are closing, so it rotates

be sure to print out the above graphic in color and laminate for durability


That’s the only way to do it efficiently… each number call when they’re ready and you all jump on when 4 is ready.

I’ve always just had numbers swap if you get a dupe i.e. 1 switch with 2 etc. You can have an ad clearer hop on, it just potentially adds confusion or they can be hung up killing ads.

If you make it to the puzzle rooms with at least 40 seconds you should be good.

You guys got this!

I am out this week. Good luck taters.

Ill be there

Count me in.

You can count me in

In the video it looks like they are running 2 hunters with tethers, 2 warlocks with the well and 2 titans, one with shield bash and one with hammers. I may run my titan this week end if I can get the level up to 590ish.

I’m out. Turns out the wife is going to make me be social and go out.

Count me in

My plans changed. I will be on

Count me in.

Here’s the team:

  1. @Sniper_T1 (8 or infinity)
  2. @Grex (8 or infinity)
  3. @Mowerguy90 (W)
  4. @Ronin Heartless(W)
  5. @BrambledWhiskey (S)
  6. @valiantvictory (S)

1st alt @KillrVee

so I’m at a hotel with questionable internet…lets plan to have killer in the party and when/if I drop out @KillrVee you are in.

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Great job last night…we finished calli but for shuro chi, need to work in our speed to the plates…we had 32 seconds the one time…maybe we should use the sphere…but progress was made and fun was had…thanks again taters

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Hey guys just popping in from the ps4 side with a suggestion for shuro. You should only need 1 lock with well. The other can roll nova warp or stormcaller. There should be plenty if orbs to get the well super replenished for each damage phase. Hope that helps!

Edit: also having a titan with melting point saves a TON of ammo, especially when using ikelos shotgun. The timing needs to be pretty spot on but it’s a life saver.


Ill add a bit as well. Run 2 hunters with Orpheus Rigs to generate orbs. There should be very little ad clearing from weapons… pop them supers. As soon as the crystals spawn call it out and be quick to hop on in 3 2 1. Pop a well, hit with melting point and shotgun the shit out of her. Rinse and repeat.

For the puzzle room have designated callers 1-4. If you get a plate you’ve already had call out who you want to switch with… usually 1 with 2 and 3 with 4. Ad clearers should only hop on a plate if someone dies while on their plates. Dont panic.

Lastly, when you get to the 6th damage phase take your time and clear ads dont hop on the crystals too quick and die.

This encounter is all about speed so supers should be coordinated and constantly going. This is probably the hardest part of the raid other than maybe the heart run or legit clearing Riven.

@valiantvictory Where is this weekend’s sign up thread?

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Hes been slacking down at disney land