[XBX1] Voices...I mean Tater Raiding Saturday 4/6/19


Depending on who signs up (those under 650) and group consensus, we will do some LW and then try a full SOTP run…the draw for the LW clear 1st is the 1000 voices opportunity…and it seems like that is going strong here.

*All are welcome. This is designed to be a fun teamwork exercise that awards us good raid gear. **(we are thinking 650 is probably the power/LL floor for LW and for SOTP at this point). Please sign up below so we can plan for 1, 2 or 3 raid teams. Signups have priority over show-ups. We will start filling open slots by 9:15 unless you let us know you are running late and maybe we will hold your slot.

I am in. Picked up the Chattering Bone with the Curated roll last week from the raid.

Im down just send me a inv but im new to the new raid only one i have done is the calus raids

Destroyer T1 is in tonight.

I have been working on my Hunter so next week-end I am bringing the golden gun. Destroyer is bringing his up too. Three hunters should bring Riven down first run.