XP Throttling

Not sure any of you will care unless you bought xp boosts.

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Imagine the shit storm this would have caused if people knew this the first month the game was out. I am sure it will still be an issue but not as bad as what EA is going through right now.

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Does XP throttling even matter? Getting to level 20 is trivial in Destiny 2.

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It does if you paid for XP boost by microtransaction or by buying a product you don’t like just to get the Xp boost code off the box. In most of our cases not at all unless you feel like you wasted time doing Public events thinking you were getting more XP.

I think this has more to do with Bungie not being forthcoming than it does the actual throttling.

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Its the overall mentality of these companies screwing the gamer at ever opportunity. I think they forget we can just walk away or not buy at all. Im guessing there is more of this going on than anyone realizes.

Kotaku is a cesspool of shit stirring trolls and is like the TMZ of Video Game Reporting. Much ado about nothing once again

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Honestly, this doesn’t bother me at all. The reason the BF2 lootbox situation bothered me was because you could essentially “pay to win”. With Destiny 2, it only affects how you look, not how you play.

At least with BF2 you know what you are getting and they weren’t lying to you. In destiny you are told you are getting a XP boost to the base XP value only to find out you are getting a XP boost to some value that is throttled.

As some who plays BF2 the people complaining about P2W are over exaggerating the P2W. I have never felt like I am getting my ass handed to me because someone bought some star cards. The chance they got the star card they wanted with their purchase is slim and more than likely they aren’t even using the star card they purchased but using the ones they got from in game credits. Especially now that the pay system is disabled.

EA/Dice never really lied to you. They just wanted your money and were ok with having a P2W system. Bungie/Activison is straight up lying to your face so you will spend money on micro transactions by manipulating the XP system.


I never really felt like I was being screwed over by Bungie for any type of XP throttling. I felt like I was screwed over for plenty of other reasons as @Lala_Calamari outlines here:

Perhaps if the feeling you have with BF2 is similar, I may need to consider looking into getting it myself at some point, but I will probably wait until the price drops because I’m a cheap bastard…haha

I didn’t either and I would have never known had some random person not done the testing to find this out. Had I know before hand it probably would not have changed my purchase. I buy what I want and I am really easy going. I don’t get pissed a video games like the masses seem to do. Hell I got to level 20 in the first week and haven’t touched it since and still feel like I got my monies worth.

Get it at a discount. It is a really fun game. Just the campaign alone was worth the $37.99 I paid for the game. if you are a Star Wars fan the campaign is a must IMO. Then you add on Arcade mode(single or split screen co-op) and multiplayer which has some great game modes.

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This is the reason I will probably buy the game still.

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