Xur 1/16 - ICE BREAKER!

Xur’s Location: Hall of Guardians, opposite Lord Shaxx


Exotic Gear

The Glasshouse - Titan Helmet
Achlyophage Symbiote - Hunter Helmet
Obsidian Mind - Warlock Helmet
Ice Breaker - The most wanted sniper rifle
Exotic Shard


Exotic Upgrades

Achlyophage Symbiote - Hunter Helmet
Lucky Raspberry - Hunter Chest
Crest of Alpha Lupi - Titan Chest
No Backup Plans - Titan Gauntlets
Skull of Dire Ahamkara - Warlock Helmet
Light Beyond Nemesis - Warlock Helmet
Gjallarhorn - Rocket Launcher
Thunderlord - LMG
Plan C - Fusion Rifle
Pocket Infinity - Fusion Rifle
Bad Juju - Pulse Rifle
The Last Word - Hand Cannon

I’ll pick up two for my toons. I don’t have a third yet.

Then I’ll be pretty set on Exotics.

Bought 2 ice breakers tonight. I feel so special.

Ice breaker is pretty badass, if you dont have it, get it😵

Bought 3 Ice Breakers. Been waiting since I was one coin short the first time it was offered by Xur. That was a mistake, should have tried harder to get it. I also have three Patience and Time snipers that I prefer to run but when you run Nightfall or run into an event the Ice Breaker is really nice. Oh, and of course it is very handy for the raids, VOG and Crota.