Xur 1/9

Xur’s Location: Tower Hangar, first right.

Exotic Gear

An Insurmountable Skullfort - Titan Helmet

Lucky Raspberry - Hunter Chest

Starfire Protocol - Warlock Chest

The Last Word - Hand Cannon

Exotic Shard - Material

Exotic Upgrades

Crest of Alpha Lupi - Hunter Chest

Young Ahamkara’s Spine - Gauntlets Hunter

Helm of Saint-14 - Helm Titan

An Insurmountable Skullfort - Titan Helmet

Apotheosis Veil - Warlock Helmet

Heart of the Praxic Fire - Warlock Chest

Hard Light - Auto Rifle

SUROS Regime - Auto Rifle

MIDA Multi-Tool - Scout Rifle

Thorn - Hand Cannon

Plan C - Fusion Rifle

Gjallarhorn - Rocket Launcher

Monte Carlo - Auto Rifle - PS4 Exclusive Gun

I may pick up the the Last Word because… Reasons.

I will get the cannon for sure- having 8 in the clip is nice to have

Hunter Master Race!

I wonder why though. Sure Blade Dancer is cheating in Crucible but the other classes are just as good. SunSinger Warlock is just stupid. Die, pop rez, nuke enemy from behind with grenades. Titan bubble, cap all the points.


A bout time!

I just bought 3 of them.

I f i could I’d buy a few more and give them away.