Xur week of 9/29

Agent of the Nine, Xûr


Xûr comes and goes freely, his strange curios too valuable to risk.


Giant’s Scar, Io

Riskrunner Submachine Gun 270 (265+5 Legendary Mod) x29 Legendary Shards


Mechaneer’s Tricksleeves Hunter Gauntlets 270 (265+5 Legendary Mod) x23 Legendary Shards


Hallowfire Heart Titan Chest Armour 270 (265+5 Legendary Mod) x23 Legendary Shards


Transversive Steps Warlock Leg Armour 270 (265+5 Legendary Mod) x23 Legendary Shards


Each of the items is capped at a maximum power level of 270.

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I’ll be picking up the RiskRunner. It’s supposed to be a pretty solid SMG. We’ll see, I’m not really a SMG fan but I have shards to burn.

I already have the Hunter Gloves.

I have the riskrunner now. Have not used it much cause of the mida, but its a solid gun.

Edited to add. I have gone back to Nameless Midnight for my primary in PvP. Love it. so i have been swapping between risk runner and Mida mini for the secondary

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I have the Titan chest already. Will be getting the others. I have a skin for the Riskrunner.

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Grabbed warlock boots just cuz they look kool haha. And they have good mobility at least

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I bought it all. Figure I would have some gear for the other classes if I ever level them.


Did the same thing.

Shards are abundant and easy to accumulate

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