Yeah, I'm THAT Guy!

Hey everybody! VengefulJedi (a.k.a., Clint) here. New to the GRG Community. Beers and Leafs encouraged me to join. I may know a couple of you from prior shenanigans - so if that’s the case, great to see you again!

I do tech support for Redbox DVD. I’m also a podcaster. I host the GeekDig Podcast. I’m also a co-host on the Green Up Gaming and Horrible Gamers podcasts. I have a PS4 & Steam on my laptop, but I’m almost always on Xbox One. I’m VengefulJedi across all platforms. Lately, I’ve mostly been playing Gears Of War 4, Titanfall 2, Battlefield 1 and Forza Horizon 3.


Welcome! Also mainly XBONE, but I use steam a lot as well. I’ll be on Battlefield a fair amount, feel free to jump in anytime! I’m omniscientshark on literally everything.

Welcome aboard.

Welcome to GRG!

TexasReaperCrew on XB1

Old 2old2play guy, welcome to GRG. What mistakes in life led you to this place? :grinning: I see you’re no stranger to podcasts, we attempt one here. We have a ton of people playing BF1 right now so you should have no problems getting into games. We also have groups playing GoW and TF2. We’ll have to pick up some GRG Forza Horizon 3 nights again (too many shiny pennies at the moment).

Make sure to check out the different Gaming groups so you get notified of any events.

I added you to my friends list.

XBox Gamer Tag - Lala Calamari

I thought about saying something funny or witty, but figured it would seem a little weird or forced, so welcome to GRG.

just be careful of @Gunny if he offers you treats don’t go with him and don’t peek in the hole.

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Welcome to GRG !

Welcome to the big time.

Lala, I wouldn’t say “mistakes”… I came in search of misadventure (and beer). It will be great jumping into some games with you guys! And I agree, too many shiny pennies - I didn’t even mention Rocket League or that I’m playing through the remastered Bioshock collection too.

I’ll check out the groups too - thanks!

Beers, I’ll make sure not to peek in @Gunny’s hole. lol

And to everybody, THANK YOU!

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Welcome to the community.

Welcome, Sniper T1 on the X1, mainly BF1 and Destiny now. But still playing Halo.

I have to get back into Destiny. I hated it for the longest time, but just picked up Taken King & Rise of Iron. Got a long way to go to catch up. Haven’t touched Halo in ages, but I have them all.

Welcome to GRG! Sent a FR your way!

Welcome to the community!

Welcome to the nuthouse. FR sent.

Welcome to GRG Jedi.
The Body Farmer on X1. FR sent.


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Geez, Beers… talk about your mindfucks! lol

Why did you tell me they remastered Bioshock?..? Now I have to have it

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