Year 2 update!!

Just thought I’d mention this, the maintenance appears to have finished as of now…
In the EST time of 6:10pm
However you’ll need to download n install a 35.534gb


They announced the changes in 2.0.0 ahead of time and I don’t think anything changed.
See the thread below for more details.

As a reminder, Bungie is hosting a limited-time, in-game demo for Forsaken’s PvPvE mode, Gambit, on Saturday, September 1 for all players. It goes without saying that you’ll need to grab the patch that arrived today to be able to participate.

@destinyplayers let’s plan on running the crap out of that this weekend

There really doesn’t seem to be anything much to this update. It’s mainly prep for next week. The only change I see worth mentioning is the flashpoint reward - now you go to the planetary vendor instead of Cayde-6 (who is no longer in the tower, sad face) and you get a higher power item than before. I’ve gotten a pair of high-390s items so far.

I’m not liking some of the UI changes so far. They took away the details on weapon/armor mods - you just see the mod type when hovering, not the actual effect. For that you have to drill down into the item.

I’m hoping stuff like this is temporary whilst we’re in this interim phase. Time will tell.