Yellowstone.... Who's been watching? (spoilers welcome)

Wife and I have been watching this and absolutely love this new series. Cosner always been ok but he is great as the lead in this. No characters feel safe… Think cowboys vs Indians walking dead. Drama top notch. Not sanitized at all for cable!

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Never heard of it. What channel is it on?

Netflix? Amazon? Or standard TV?

Paramount Channel. It deserves a look!!! Excellent show

Gunny - wife and I love this show. The characters are so flawed and have so many secrets. “Not Sanitized” is a great description. The daughter is such a firecracker, hilarious.

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I can’t keep track of all these channels. Paramount channel?? First I’ve heard of it. I’m so out of the loop on TV watching.


757 on xfinity

Paramount channel is renamed Spike tv station.

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My problem is I watch all my stuff on pirate TV.

Not sure it’s available that way yet… If it is… Give it a go!

Oh, I have ways of tracking down shows.

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Holy Crap! Now I have to wait till 2019? Not fair paramount! Took a page from GoT i guess.

@Gunny - do we have a release date for Season 2 of Yellowstone yet?

Nope… Unfortunately