you fuckers

so for over a year ive not had a drop to drink. nothing bad just a personal choice of not liking whiskey shits or being hung over. now you fuckers have me interested in… root beer! I’m gonna try some of the NYFRB and see how it goes. I am correct in assuming its root beer and not a malt liquor beverage? I hate you guys!

It’s hard root beer. It’s 5% so it’s got a kick as well. If you like root beer, you’ll like NYFRB.

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Moderation my dear lad, moderation.


Not Your Fathers is beer with spices to resemble Root Beer.

It taste kinda like root beer mixed with Tussin.

Everyone that has tried NYFRB and Coney Island Hard Root Beer has preferred Coney Island. It is smoother, a bit sweeter, but Truer Vanila Birch Root beer taste

I havent tried either…they just came to minnesota a couple of weeks ago

Didn’t have any good beer but this stuff was good enough. Fresh dove breast with jalapeño and cream cheese wrapped in bacon, chicken fried deer steak, and scotch eggs. Really needed a nap afterwards.


i like A&W over Barks. All I’ve seen around here though is NYFRB