You pick the game for community Night 8/10

I know i have this set up for 8/10 GRG Overwatch with Klown (PS4) 8/10 but I am giving the PS4 crowd a chance to tell me what you want to play that night!! I am completely flexible! (not that way weirdos!!)

  • Overwatch
  • Battlefield 4
  • Doom MP
  • BattleBorn

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For those voting, it would also help to leave a comment so we know who wants to play what. The poll doesn’t show who voted.

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thats why you get the big “GRG Bux”!

Overwatch would be my preference…

@Kennedad are you recently biconsole? Don’t think I have you on my FL

He’s bi alright but prefers the company of men.

Ahhh did a lil digging!
“Welcome to the party. I added you to XBL - (Kennedad). My PSN is nearlybr0k3n but I hate my PS4 and generally have to force myself to play it…”


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I’ll be down for some BF4. I’ll add you up on ps4 as well @Kennedad.

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BF4 for me

He’s on Sexbox.


I know, but he also has a PSN, albeit he said he is not on the ps4 much.

Duval you keep falling off my FL

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Wish there was a way to separate FL into groups

I’m back on your FL now buddy!

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Ill try to be on for BF 4

@tremount @charlierucka @RebelxHeart @assassin_ginger we doing this overwatch thing tomorrow? @DuvalFunk @catsweat maybe some BF4 in the latter part of the night

Well get gud games

I’m down for a bit of BF4 for sure. Let me know when, I’ll be on No Man’s Sky till then.

Playing Overwatch again.