Zombies return to Warzone with Season 4’s Rebirth of the Dead mode

Warzone players have noticed that zombies are returning to the battle royale, as the Season 4 roadmap reveals the dev’s undead plans.

Warzone Pacific Season 4 is set to bring a heap of new content for players as the devs revealed the road map filled with details.

Despite Vanguard players being disappointed with the lack of content, Warzone fans are excited at the prospect of a new Warzone map, Fortune’s Keep. As well as this, players have noticed other details around the Season 4 reveal that point to the return of Zombies.

warzone vanguard season 4 roadmap

For those unaware, the arrival of Fortune’s Keep does not mean that Rebirth Island will be removed for the season. The Alcatraz-inspired map will be seen with playlist updates and also seems to be involved in a new zombies event according to the Call of Duty blog and roadmap on Season 4.

As well as Golden Plunder, at the bottom of the Warzone section of the Season 4 roadmap, a new mode called Rebirth of the Dead is shown, which will be arriving in-season.

Many are suspecting that this will be the return of the zombies mode in Warzone for Rebirth Island, leaving many players excited.

Reddit user lil_zoghi also pointed out some details in the Season 4 blog that further point to the undead mode returning. The blog states that “there are strange rumors concerning an undead surge and the ultimate test for Operators coming online.”

This has pretty much confirmed that zombies will be returning to Warzone in Season 4 of the battle royale, but it’s unclear what version of the mode players will be getting. We know that it is likely to take place on Rebirth Island, but comments under the Reddit post are debating which version of the zombies mode they would like to see.

warzone zombies

Most comments seem to dislike the second iteration of the Zombies mode, which saw pockets of zombies spawning on the map: “If they do another event with weird little zombie zones that players can start, only to have another team come in and murder them for the reward, then that’s gonna be really dumb.”

It seems players want to see the first iteration of the mode “where operators become zombies when they died, that was a lot a fun.”

We’ll have to wait and see how the devs decided to bring the zombies mode back to Warzone, as being on Rebirth Island, it could be completely different to the previous versions.