2024 Extra Life Fundraiser and BBQ Sauce

Is anyone still here?

It’s that time of year.

In addition to the BBQ Sauce I also have some other more fun and interactive incentives for my gaming sessions. I’m also giving away Xbox Gift Cards, Amazon Gift Cards and others during my streams. Check me out on Twitch and all you have to do is make at least one (1) $5 donation to be eligible for the drawings. There are over $1,000 worth of gaming/grilling/shopping items in the War Chest of Charity (Raffles Prizes)

For you repeat customers, if any of you are jonesing for some more “World Famous” BBQ sauce (well at least GRG Famous) I got you covered. For noobs, Extra Life is a peer-to-peer grassroots fundraising campaign where gamers raise money for their local affiliated Children’s Miracle Network Hospital through a 24-hour marathon style game day, gameplay incentives or maker items (like BBQ Sauce, Dice or even artwork). This is the Tenth year I’ve been participating, and the GRG Community is what got me connected with Extra Life way back when.

As in past years there are incentives for GRG members to purchase BBQ Sauce via a donation to my EL fundraiser. For those that are new, this money goes directly to my local hospital (Phoenix Children’s Hospital) and I subsidize the production cost of the sauce. Small orders I generally cover the shipping costs, but shipping costs have doubled in the last 2 years so larger orders may need incur additional costs.

Children’s Miracle Network does great things all over the country, so even if you don’t end up participating or purchasing anything, please take the time to go learn about Extra Life (and Victoria Enmon) and how long CMN has been helping sick kids plus how much they’ve raised since inception.

There are Three (3) flavor varieties;

Hot – Abomination (Pineapple, Jalapeno & Habanero)

Super Hot – Chupacabra (Apricot, Habanero & Ghost Peppers)

Ridiculously Hot - Baron Samedi (Peach, Turbinado Brown Sugar and Carolina Reapers)

I’ll link to past threads about heat, quality, etc…

BBQ Sauce Feedback:

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This Year’s Breakdown


$20 - Single (1) ~20oz bottle of sauce (any variety)

$25 - Single (1) ~34 oz / 1 Liter bottle of a single flavor

$50 – “Small Trio Sampler” Single (1) ~20 oz bottle of each flavor

$75 – “Large Trio Sampler” = Single (1) ~34 oz bottle of each flavor

$100 – 1 Gallon of Sauce in any size and flavor combination

Over 1 Gallon or over $125 – Let’s have a conversation!

For a complete list of all the raffle prizes and to donate head on over to my Fundraising Portal

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