About the BattlefieldPlayers Group

This is a group for people that like to play Battlefield. Join the group to get notified of Battlefield events or when people are looking to group up. You can also mention @BattlefieldPlayers if you are looking for people to play Battlefield with.

Protip: Clicking on the group name will provide a list of people in the group. You can see there gametags by clicking on their avatar.

XBox: @mnvikesfan

To join this group reply here or send me a PM.

I wouldn’t say I like to play it yet, but I’ll play it more, so sign me up.


I’m not any good, but I’ll join.

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Sig me up

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I am in. At least I can get healing points.

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all added up to here.

Sign me up, I’ll be in the bushes somewhere

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Getting or giving healing points to others? lol

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Both, and I can revive you just to be killed again.


I too would like to be added

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nice added up to here

Sign me up…

Add me.

@grex should put instructions on how to self add yourself to groups. Even though GRG members won’t read it or understand it.

Sign me up

Sign me up . Not a big fan of Battlefield games but this looks interesting

Sign me up also.


Me too

Add me to that list! Let’s hit the battlefield!