Activision had to F*** up Call of Duty Modern Warfare

Activision just couldn’t resist the urge to FUCK UP a game people are excited for. Bullshit console exclusivity and weapons BACK in loot boxes. What the flying fuck??? This is so frustrating. I’m too weak to not get this title but I really should pass on it. If MW followed gameplay of the past COD’s it’d be an easy pass.

How does everyone feel about this? Are you still getting it?

Spec Ops survival mode will be a PS4 Exclusive for a WHOLE FUCKING YEAR. Basically, the entire life cycle of this title.

And we are back to having weapons in loot boxes. We all know those weapons will be OP (at least initially) as to entice people to buy the crates.

Obviously, Angry Joe is pissed off.

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I want to pass on this one for there shit, but I enjoyed the game play of the beta and nothing else has me interested in getting. So I will be a weak sheep and get it .


The lure of crossplay is strong.
Otherwise I would have left CoD in its grave.

This will likely shorten its lifetime though.

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Its unfortunate that they do this time and time again. They love that money coming in for sure and any way they can increase revenue

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I’m a little disappointed with the 1 year exclusivity of Spec Ops, but not enough to not get it. I was planning to play it though, I did like it in MW3. And it is only one part of Spec Ops. It’s kinda like blackout without ground war.

Until I see all the info, I’m not too concerned with the loot boxes.

What about the latency? They gotta fix that too.

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I was on fence hoping for a sale of this before picking up, total skip for me now.

As long as people keep buying, they will keep doing these things.

I’m on the fence now with this new bullshit in play. I enjoyed the beta a lot and thought it was a better experience than BLOPS4 (which I also enjoyed and got more than my monies worth from). I’ll probably still get it as something else to play alongside BL3, but it’s not a slam dunk anymore.

I’ll still get it just to game with Grg, it’s the same reason I got Blops4.

Most of you, and GRG in general, won’t play Spec Ops survival mode anyway, so I’m not sure why everyone is getting so upset with it. Most of GRG is strickly MP.

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I think the bigger issue is the fact we all still have to pay the same for less content, sure it’s only a very small fraction but that’s not the point. We all pay for a game and expect to be given the content in that game.

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I’m more concerned with the weapons going back into the loot crates. That’s really not cool.

No, I wouldn’t play spec ops. So personally, it’s no issue to me.

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I’m the same. Its something I wouldn’t play anyway, but I do hate the idea of something being exclusive for the realistic life cycle of the game.
As for the loot crates I am ok with cosmetics only, but if its gameplay related then its stupid.

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It’s just leak shit right now, there is no real proof of how it will work. If it’s like BLOPS 4 and everyone has the same chance of getting the guns…then I don’t care.

I will probably bite on this one since I passed on the last one. There is just a lot to play with Gears, BL3 and Destiny.

It seems as though the Modern Warfare rumor mill has been running rampant as of recently. The latest rumor claims loot boxes will be cosmetic only and won’t grant players with a competitive advantage, much to the contrary of previous reports.

The rumor comes courtesy of Twitter user @Victor___Z, who claims weapons cannot be unlocked via loot boxes in the upcoming iteration of the franchise. The leaker claims that there will only be weapon variants, officially known as Blueprints, in loot boxes. Although leaks should usually be taken with a pinch of salt, this source has correctly leaked previous information about the game.


补给箱不能掉落新武器,只有武器变种,就像XRK weapons pack


06:12 - 29 Sep 2019

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Earlier this week, Activision announced the XRK Weapons Pack for those who digitally pre-order the title. Victor compared this to the type of Blueprints you can expect to see within loot boxes.

If this leak is anything to go by, fans will be delighted to see Activision leave the ‘pay to win’ strategy behind. After witnessing the scrutiny Black Ops 4 received, perhaps Activision have a change of plan in store for Modern Warfare later this year.

Throughout the past week, Activision has been receiving backlash due to the announcement of Special Ops Survival mode coming to PS4 one year prior to other platforms. In addition to this, another previous rumor claimed weapons will be available through supply drops, though Infinity Ward appear to have since debunked this. In a recent Reddit post, the Studio Art Director advised fans to “not get thrown off by ill informed people.”

Although there’s always the chance of weapons within supply drops arriving post-launch, it doesn’t seem too likely at this point in time.

While Infinity Ward and Activision are yet to comment on the most recent rumor, it’s important to take this with at least some scepticism. We’ll update you if we hear anything else.

Great first comment they get people excited and then screw customers over. Preordered I’ve considered returning but hoping the immense backlash from the community has some effect. So agree w beers about the latency. I get the exclusivity thing but don’t agree with it. It’s the loot box pay to win that gets to me in every game. Look I can afford it but I refuse to do it. It gets worse every year every game. Besides the publishers being greedy ass bastards it does nothing at all for the industry. Since it started in 2013 I think it’s done nothing to improve servers gameplay mechanics, the quality and playability of games is getting worse. Now Ubisoft too. If they put any of that money back into the games development anything. Maybe but I am so tired of paying more money for shitty games. The developers claiming its not them sorry they are complicit too. Take your talents somewhere else. I’m posting as many rants as I can in as many threads as I can. I have no more tolerance for these money sucking vampires


It’s the MF principle.


It really depends on the game and the microtransaction. I can’t say I won’t because I do. I bought a few Fortnite skins and I’m a sucker for mounts in ESO. Of course ESO is full of microtransactions but it’s not too bad as I do the monthly sub and get 1500 crown points per month (currency for MTX). A lot of the stuff they sell doesn’t interest me in the slightest. Player homes? Yeah, just not interested.

Now BLOPS4 MTX for the most part we garbage. I only bought 2 gun skins and that’s because I had CoD Points from buying the game. I never used real money. They probably could of got me if they provided some cool character skins but all they offered was clown suits.

I just hated how they put actual in game weapons in loot boxes. That’s just bullshit.

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Oh I’ve bought a few too what is new armour without shaders. It does depend completely. My fear is it’s only gonna keep getting worse. I know I should of known better but after watching game play of Modern Warfare and playing alpha beta. I was excited for the game and then oh by the way FU. You know me I keep playing COD even when I shouldn’t. But this one felt more like a slap in the face than any of the others. So many horrible games lately. Now one that seems to have potential and “smack”. Oh you can have a huge advantage if you gamble enough. I may spend the rest of this year in the Borderlands.

No one cares if they make a good fun to play game anymore they just want you to pay up. They are making more money and games keep getting worse
Not talking performance graphics etc it’s the nonsense pissing all over the fun. It’s like buying a new car and finding out you payed 10000 too much. It just doesn’t feel the same driving it anymore


Infinity Ward says they are ‘focused on making a different’ MTX system in Modern Warfare

As the launch of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare draws nearer, fans are still awaiting for official information from the studio as to how microtransactions and other in-game features will work for the title when it launches on October 25.

Infinity Ward’s Art Director posted on Reddit a post called “a developer POV” where he asked fans to wait for ‘official information’ versus believing ‘half baked rumors’ from some people in regards to Supply Drops and the MTX system in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

Late on October 7, he’s responded in that reply to a fan who was asking for clarity in regards to the MTX system. Fans have been saying they don’t want to see another Black Ops 4 style micro transaction system in Modern Warfare.

Emslie has replied saying that they’re “ focused on making a different system in Modern Warfare. ” He also says the different system is “ one with a direct path to content for players.”

Thank you for the kind words about the effort we put into the game and I’m sorry for such a delayed response. What I can say is that we are focused on making a different system for Modern Warfare, one with a direct path to content for players.

It’s still not exactly clear what types of MTX Modern Warfare will feature at this point. Having a system that’s different than Black Ops 4 is interesting thing to mention as Black Ops 4 featured a variety of MTX systems, including tiers, Supply Drops, in-game store, and more.

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