Any bass fishermen?

Being an avid fishermen, I’m always looking for new tips/tricks/baits, etc. I primarily fish with plastic worm, but have been stuck using a small number of worms/colors. Would love to hear some input as to what works for you in what conditions/water clarity! Pics would be cool too!

@Gunny is.

Nah I hate fishing.

Kidding. If I am not on the water at least once a week I go crazy. I fish mostly from a kayak , but I am in the process of buying a Jon boat to convert into a mini electric only bass boat with casting deck. The lake I fish is mostly electric only except in a small portion.

As far as plastics go I use Power Team Lures. They are located in Virginia and so far every thing I have tried from them has worked. They also send their Hog Tonic with their kits. Warning don’t add scent to lure in the house. You will smell garlic for weeks.

Water clarity here varies but I would say most of the time it is stained. Even though, I have had luck with whites, pinks, and then your typical colors like watermelon, june bug, pumpkin seed, black and blue. I have the same luck with the same colors at Smith Mountain Lake in VA, and the water there is typically clear. I mostly Texas rig and wacky rig , but Carolina rigs are working great around here.

I also fish top water, crank bait, buzz and spin baits, jerk baits, prop baits, swim jigs, swim baits, frogs really anything that I have in my tackle box at the time. I normally keep 3 rods on the kayak all setup for different types of lures. I haven’t tried an Alabama rig yet but I hear they are killer.

Caught on Hula Popper(top water)…

My PB caught on a Hula Popper…

Caught on Power Team Lures 3.5" Craw D’oeuvre…

Caught on an Yo-Zuri 3DB Prop bait in prism ghost shad…

I also love catching Red fish ( puppy drum )…

@Gunny @h2daddy bass fish also

@koldfront_kraig likes them cold water fish


That’s a great post, thanks! I just got my own kayak also, loving it so far. However it’s not a fishing yak so I’m already ready to get rid of it. It was super cheap and I wanted to make sure it was something I could get into.

Sad to say the only lure I’ve caught fish on are topwaters, buzz baits and jitterbugs. Plastics I use are primarily watermelon seed and green pumpkin shaky heads, and I’m stuck on zoom brand, which I’ve always had pretty good success with. But I’ve recently bought some senkos and other similar baits in a variety of colors, as my old faithfuls haven’t been working as well lately.

I love bay fishing, I’m 5 hours from gulf of Mexico so I only make it a couple times a year, but am crazy about it. Speckled trout and redfish are my faves. We actually have a few power plant lakes in Texas that have thriving redfish populations, and they are close to home so I take advantage of them as much as possible.

Note: all my pics are to too big to post, so I’ll make an imgur album later that I can link here.

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I fish when I can. Before wife and kids, I was fishing 7 days a week. Now, not so much. Like Digital, I have a kayak. I have always been a rubber worm man. I will throw whatever they are biting but I enjoy finding some structure and throwing a worm in the middle of it.


Sam, I’m headed to Canada! Leaving at midnight tonight. Taking a break from tournaments and doing a little fun fishing!

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Turns out I don’t have near as many pics as I thought I had on my phone, recent upgrade. Here are a few, and a couple of bonus pics of the whitetail buck I killed with my bow last season.

I don’t bass fish. That’s what southern hicks fish.

Anyone can catch a bass. Throw anything in the water and they will hit it.

Mostly walleyes for me. Mostly winter walleyes the last few years.

And one Salmon trip a year.

photo P6290272.jpg

photo milleacsfullmoon200426.jpg

photo P3100131.jpg

photo P3090097.jpg

photo P3120381.jpg

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My buddy Mike caught this on a Carolina Rig with a big ass dark purple worm with curly tail. Right before he hooked up I lost a 4 lb’er right at the boat. Caught 6 or 7 between us, using mostly Texas and Carolina rigs. I did foul hook one with a small swim bait.


Sounds like a hell of a day! I’ve been having decent luck with black and blue senkos, weightless Texas rigged. Would like to go out this evening but my home lake is having jet boat races this weekend so every drunk fuck from miles around will be there lol.

Do you check out any websites for “best fishing times” or anything like that? Curious about whether or not they are accurate. I’m looking for any reason to go out probably.

Awesome, thanks for your response. I mainly fish a power plant lake, but the plant has been out of commission and torn down for a few years. It’s very shallow, around 12’ is max depth with approx 5-6’ avg depth. Very stained to murky clarity. Not much cover other than shallow water docks and a few pods of scattered pads. It’s more of a play lake than a fishing lake, so they seem to be pushed up around shore. It’s getting warm here now so I’ve noticed they have been hiding under docks. I love my kayak for that, I can be rather sneaky. I usually hit weeds/reeds in the morning and docks in the afternoon.

So I had a pretty sweet surprise for father’s day. Wife bought me a 12’ pelican yak. Thing is freaking awesome! Not a great afternoon to be on the water, but there was no way I wasn’t going to take it out for the maiden voyage. I’m pumped!


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While we are talking about boats…

Has anyone turned a jon boat into an electric only bass boat?

I want to get a 15’ Tracker and build a casting deck on the front to use in our local lake. 60% of the lake is electric only and you can’t even have a gas motor attached in those parts.

Basically something like this…

If you have done this…

Any issues that you ran into? Products to avoid?

I joined lots of info there I just haven’t dove in yet.

@TexasReaperCrew keep is whipped down with this stuff and the color won’t fade over time. Especially if you are storing uncovered outside.

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Didn’t catch many, one to be exact, but what a view! West Texas sunrise over Lake Nasworthy.


Another killer day on the lake. We are really surprised because the water is pushing 90 degrees. We did fish really slow though. I caught my first white perch. Mike killed it again with a toad…


That’s a nice fish! Been tough fishing for me the past few times out. Good job, keep it up!

Yes, you’d want a bow mount. The wind is going to push the front of your boat around.

12 volt, 50 - 65 pound thrust should be enough of an electric motor to push a 15 foot boat around all day.

Where are you primarily fishing out of. I’ve never been over to Nasworthy but I do drive thru that area. I take care of some wells in San Angelo and Christoval.