Anyone want to revisit SWTOR?

Star Wars Rogue One really makes we want to boot the game up again. Would anyone else be interested? I’d be ok to start for scratch, or I have a few toons under level 30 in the middle I could use. Just gauging interest.

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If it was on console, which will never be. My PC is too slow to really enjoy it.

SWToR’s free mode is the suck. You really need to pay the sub to enjoy the game. Grex and I used to play it forever ago. Fun game, decent story line and I loved Huttball.

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BTW, I didn’t mean to shit on swtor. I really enjoyed the game when I played. Its my second favorite mmo (behind Guild Wars 2). Voice acted questing really set this apart.

It’s just the free mode is so lacking. Especially when you played before.

I still play it but in true grg fashion solo. Mainly play it for the story content rather than the mmo building component.

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SWToR’s questing is pretty much a solo run. I still haven’t done the Imperial Trooper or Smuggler and I hear their stories are fantastic.

yeah swtor story is pretty much a solo thing. you can drag a friend along to help but the cut-scene and convos are going to be for the party leader. SWTOR was defintely one of my favorite MMOs of all time but i feel its just not worth it now. The Free mode is so gimped and i just could not justify the sub anymore.


It’s not a trendy, grindy Asian MMO where he can dress up as a girl in lingerie.

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needs more 30$ costumes and frustrating enchantment systems.

I think SWoTR is the only MMO I was rich in where I actually earned all my credits. Every other MMO I shamelessly buy Chinese gold. SWOTR’s dailies really paid well. Hell, I didn’t like the look of the female trooper companion (healer) so I spent over a million credits to re-outfit her and gear her up. She was in top gear when I quit.

I was trying to find something close to SWOTR on console (besides Battlefront), not really anything besides Witcher 3 for good/ bad RPG.

Started just watching the SWOTR cutscenes/story on youtube. Pretty funny (sith inquisitor storyline), when you want something just shock the person, after they get electrocuted it’s like nothing happened but they give you the info. Each story is 7 hours long, so it’s a time suck.

If you want an online MMO (for free) then I’d suggest Neverwinter.
Not great in terms of plot/story mind.

isn’t DC whatever free on consoles now?

Yes it is.

Injustice: Gods Amongst Us?

Does that have any story at all?
I thought it was just another in the ilk of Tekken, Streetfighter or DOA.?

No he is talking about the D.C. universe mmo.

DC Universe is an odd MMO. Felt more like a beat’em up style game to me.

The initial trailer for DC Universe is epic though. Probably one of my favorite game trailers ever.

Thank you yes the mmo.
not sure about story, it’s just another free one.

Oh, I never knew about the DC Universe one - never played it.

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