Archeage - PC - MMO

So for any that have interest. Free to play MMO on Steam

Server - Reckoning
Faction - Haranyan

yeah the crafting is definitely an in-depth system. Black Desert is an indepth system as well…just different aspects

Family Info

Me and the mount in a new area

Found a people in their vehicles making a trade run

Quick note: Seems like each race in the game has its own story line.

Labor points regen over time, regen is fast imo, but all I’ve done so far is harvest stuff as I go along roads doing quests. You also use up labor points when you identify loot in your inventory. Maybe crafting and building use up more points.

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Who crafts in MMOs?

Hell, you had to in GW2 to get the best gear but I only crafted enough to just get that. Fuck crafting.


@Azalin4savioR yes there is still a labor point system. But for me, its no different then Eve Online Skill Point system. So that def not a issue for me.

My MMO time is dedicated to Conan Exiles right now. Don’t think I can invest more time in another MMO. I have gamer ADD. Too many games. Not enough time.

These are houses and crops of the guild i ended up joining in Archeage.

Disloyal to GRG?

Have a GRG family…cant make a guild until 3 more of ya start playing

Right now, its just me and @mac79pr

The “kill it with fire” quest, like my character’s name lol.

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Random House with a welcoming message.