ARK server switching to Center map...

When next patch drops eta is 16th…plan on switching over…wanting to get input on this and on possible settings changed if anyone wants some different ones…I’m open for whatever…just let me know


Just a few things that have been discussed over Live.

  1. Split in to 2 Tribes with a PVP day every week. Tribes are in an alliance except on PVP day.

  2. Floating Islands are community areas for things like a lodge, trophy house, etc.

  3. No dino uploads. Character uploads are fine. Fresh starts are fine.

  4. Castle Defense PVP games. Build a “castle” that is the location for Attack and Defend type game modes. 1 team attacks the castle and must kill the VIP in the castle. VIP is a dino of some sort. Armor is colored to represent the two teams so you know who is who. Tribes work together to make all mats needed.


I cant wait to play the new map. I like the idea for more pvp if there are enough people who would actually participate. I think a lot of that is figuring out a schedule. It’s a big map with lots of space to build. Not sure how you want to split up into tribes. I’m OK with that, that’s how the game is intended and would be easier for dino upkeep and mats gathering. I know there is a group that will play regularly and there r some that will be pretty sporadic and being in a tribe more traditional tribe would help with that. If new people can come in and not be completely on their own I think they will probably be more likely to jump in and participate in group events.

No dino uploads will probably be best.

Castle defense games are a great idea with enough people. Don’t need a large amount of people but a couple on each side would be required

The tribe system allows for those guys who aren’t going to play regularly to be able to get in and get supplies from tribe members easily and participate no matter their level. Don’t want to limit anyone from exploring or building stuff of their own either. Just makes things easier when u can easily share dinos and mats

For example: When @Lala_Calamari gets bored and has the itch to jump on ark I can keep a chest of clothes rifles and ammo for him cause that’s what he really wants to do, shoot somebody.


Yes. That’s about all I want to do.

I agree with all said…sounds fun to me

Is center map a different island?

Yes. It’s the first mod to come to Xbox.


@D1G1TALC1PHERS do you think we should decide on tribes and start with that from the beginning? Obviously adding whoever joins afterwards.

We set a time, and anyone who wants to join the fun can log in at the same time in the same zone. We try to find each other, survive, and put together a spawn camp for future players. People will get eaten, lost, or worse. Could be fun.

I like that idea, Farmer. We need to coordinate the switch time (16th, right?) so we can set this event.

Update is scheduled for monday the 16th. Depending on any delays and zombies schedule, we could do it that night. if we wait then everyone will end up logging on and getting started whenever they get a chance

I’m off by 6pm on sundays…then off Monday and Tuesdays so it will be ready the 16th as long as it drops I’ll be home allday

Been talking it out… we need to get a head count for the switch to make it less confusing…and to make it fair…
We have also been talking it out about just starting fresh with everything… leveling is so fast shouldn’t matter

I’m thinking of jumping back in. How do you upload another character from one server to another? Or does it have to be from one dedicated server map to another map on the same server?

You can upload your character at any obliesk as well as dinosaurs as long as they are from a nonofficial server.

I think we are going to all start over though so every one is equal. You will hit level 60 in no time and then leveling slows down a little bit but it still is extremely fast compared to normal servers.

You should come play even if it is only every once in a while.

The Center Map Is Coming

The new update with the map is set to release on May 16 and we will be getting into tribes for some tribe vs tribe pvp. Raiding, base defense, tame wars, who knows.
If anyone would like to join up please let us know.
I think we are all starting to agree on not transferring characters and starting out with all new survivors. The leveling will be fast. Tribe names are also up for suggestions.

Tribe 1
ZombieCrew (5 guys)

Tribe 2
The Body Farmer

The Center Map

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We are getting properly motivated to sacrifice Al to the volcano gods.

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