Attention GRG a potato bought ESO

Alright so everyone can see it I recently repurchased ESO and was looking for basic advice, see who’s all still playin, and just overall words of wisdom. So let me hear it help me out if ya can

Sure, we have a bunch playing. I’ll shoot you a guild invite later. Create an Aldremi Dominion character (faction) as we run a weekly PvP event and you need to be in that faction to run with us. You will also need to be level 10.

Get a horse. Also, go to the stable (horse icon on map) and upgrade your horse daily. It’s 250 gold. Start with inventory then Speed. You can do this even if you don’t own a horse, but get a horse.

Post questions here or look for info here:

Check these threads out

Also, set your camera to third person view. Get out of the first person view.

Depends on what you want to do. Of course playing the story lines get you mad experience, but it can take you a while because the way the quests are meant to send you to new zones where radiant quests pop up…

If you just want to level like mad your best bet is Dolmen runs. In particular the Ali’kr Desert run. You can get a fresh off the boat character from level 3 to 10+ in about 2 hours on the Dolmens, and it’s lazy leveling with mad money in return.

If this is something you are interested in I often guide people through the Dolmens in Ali’kr. I’ve been speed leveling some dedicated healers for PVP.

Once you hit 10 you need to do 3 things from the Dolmens… before starting stories.
Goto the Auridon Mages Guild and Fighters guild to get their lines for Persuasion and Intimidate (to make radiant quests shorter), and hit up the bar and join the Undaunted.

The reason I suggest waiting till level 10 for this is because you can’t join a group dungeon instance until 10, and when you get the undaunted quest all you have to do to complete it is finish the Banished Cells… you don’t wanna do that solo.

From there get on the harborage. At least rescue up to Sai … or farther (complete if you can spend the time on it)… this is the only way to level up Soul Magic. You’ll want the Soul Magic passives… whether you’re doing PVE or PVP you want those passives… and if you finish the Harborage missions, you’ll be able to unlock all the passives.

By the time you’ve finished all the Harborage missions you’ll be mid 20’s depending on how targeted you get with it… and from there you can either do targeted leveling back at the Dolmens or play the faction quests if you want…

The only alteration I’d suggest to this is if you are an ESO Plus member… and somewhere between finishing Undaunted and the Harborage Missions I’d suggest hitting up the Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood. In particularly the Dark Brotherhood, because you get the Blade of Woe insta-kill ability. And that is just awesome.

Oh yea, you’ll need 10K to buy a horse unless you got a collectors edition that has a mount included (let me know)
I’m willing to help you get the 10K you need. Everyone needs a mount, especially for Dolmen runs.
Look for me on Xbox with this Username. I’ll make sure you get hooked up.

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all good advice. Find out how you want to play stamina, magicka, tank, then get gear based around those stats. I can craft 9 traits, so all gear, my styles are limited but you can equip a costume.

@ESOPlayers I’m trying to get specific jewelry from Coldharbour world bosses, need help, will be on at night. If you haven’t unlocked CH, when you see me there can travel to player and it will take to nearest wayshrine.

@deSoldier2001 I’m your huckleberry. I’ve got a level 44 Templar healer I can run backup with, if you want.
I’ll help you do anything needed. I’ll look for you in the Guild Roster and join up if I see you. Shoot me a message if I am already on when you hop on.

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Fuck @deSoldier2001, he’s a traitor to the Aldmeri Dominion! :rofl:

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Lol wow well right on boys, I appreciate the replies. So apparently I have a horse already and created a character last night. I should be on a bit more tonight. And I’ll start looking for GT’s

Yeah, that gear is to be for my EB toon. No dolmens in Coldharbour so finding jewelry only from WB or random chests.

That’s cool. I could also help with my Champion toon from the Daggerfall Covenant … not sure if I have her where she can heal though.
Also, if you know of some decent sets of armor for healers, and where I might be able to easily find them, I’d love the advice. I got no clue what I’m doing when it comes to hunting sets and such.

Haven’t touched this since it came out. I just stuck the game in and have a level 35 healer (I think since I named him Healbilly) and a level 4 something. Probably need to start new since I really don’t remember crap.

Hell man… break out that Level 34 healer and hit the turf with us tonight.
I still think for the size group we’ll have 2 people who can cycle AOE Heals of Time could really make a lot of difference… if we can stay alive. We’ll just have to target their healers before they target us.

Nothing is setup. I noticed none of my buttons are mapped anymore. If anyone can walk me through it a little early, I am willing to give it a try. I’m sure it would come back to me but it has been a long time.

@h2daddy I’ll break for supper at some point within the next hour, but I’m online now, and I’ll be coming back as soon as I get the kitchen clean after supper. So anything you need… just let me know.
I’ll be logged in… somewhere.

Sounds good. I will kick my kid off soon and look you up.