Best Show on TV?

What you y’all think the best show on TV is? I love my Walking Dead, Bates Motel, Orphan Black, Doctor Who, The Following, and Archer

best show, currently on TV? The Flash… but only cuz there isnt much else really watch. i only saw first season of orphan black, but it was great. I LOVE Banshee. Agents of shield is pretty awesome. yes the first season started super slow but now its pretty good.

i have all of this seasons justified on my DVR, havent gotten around to it, but thats actually probably the number one show on my list.

Right now. Probably Walking Dead. But i am watching a lot right now, Orphan Black, Justified, Flash, Arrow, S.H.I.E.L.D, Person of Interest, Gotham. Also catch SVU and NCIS when I can. All good shows.

Game of Thrones is my clear #1. The Walking Dead, Flash, Doctor Who, Big Bang Theory, The Goldbergs, Whose Line is it Anyway round out my list, although I’d have Sons of Anarchy in there if it hadn’t ended last winter.

And if 24 comes back, it jumps onto the list.

Current Shows?

I’d have to say Game of Thrones of course. Better Call Saul is great even if it’s a Breaking Bad retread. I highly recommend it. The Americans is pretty solid even if the two main stars are pure evil. I’m really looking forward to True Detective Season two, the first season was so epic.

I forgot about Better Call Saul. I am watching that as well and like it.

Anyone watched the new Daredevil Series on Netflix yet? It’s been released. I think I’ll start episode one today.

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I haven’t yet, but I plan to check it out this weekend sometime.

oooh. did not know it was out yet. Will add it to my list.

Vikings on the History Channel.

Makes me proud to be a Swede.


I’m with most. GoT is one of my favs, as well as arrow and flash. Gotham has gotten a lot better as the season went on, and better call Saul is just good. I look forward to true detective. I think one of the best shows is a little underrated, but justified has always been great. Haven’t watched much of this season cause I haven’t been home, but I look forward to it. Love it that it’s hard to choose who to root for.

Still have yet to watch a single episode of GOT. for some reason haven’t felt the need. eventually i will probably get to it.

I can sum up the need to watch Game of Thrones in three words:


Add the occasional bit of dark humor, and this may be the perfect show.

And everyone dies. It’s great!

I’m 3 episodes in. :+1:

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The Walking Dead is tops…then Game of Thrones, Big Bang Theory, Gotham, Black Sails, Orange is the New Black, Vikings, Better Call Saul, Resurrection and when it starts I’m sure Fear the Walking Dead will be one too.

A better question is what is your secret show? Personally, I watched every episode of Glee with my daughter and we watch Once Upon a Time.

My “secret” shows are survivor we haven’t caught the end of last season and haven’t caught any of this one, tho. And top chef.

I’m with Fish, Survivor is a family show. The kids like the challenges and I love the starving girls in bikinis.

The Walking Dead, Person of Interest, Agents of Shield, among many others
Reality-wise I am a HUGE Big Brother fan, I wish it was on all year long. As far as NetFlix I liked Orange is the new black, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and gonna binge DareDevil today and tomorrow

Also for the Playstation guys if you haven’t checked out Powers it is pretty good as well