Comic Book LInk

I can’t find our link to the comics. Can anybody help a brother out? I need to get caught up with the WD.

Google Drive:


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Does the Dropbox have all the titles? My oldest wants to read them.

Also, can anyone recommend any good series? I used to be a huge XMen fan forever ago. Now I’m not sure wtf is going on. Everything’s changed.

Dropbox is up to issue 135. I think 137 is the current issue.

The Star Wars comics are good. The art is freaking fantastic.

Any chance I can get that folder shared with me? Take away Johnny’s access.

what is your email?

Both google and dropbox?

@EvolveYourself will have to do the google drive I think.

I’ve got a link as well, I know Google drive is up to date, Dropbox is not

For some reason, the google drive that Evolve and I shared got unlinked. I’ve kept up some of these mainly Walking Dead and Star Wars before disney bought them out and yanked dark horse from it. take a look and DL what you like. Just don’t delete, or else I’ll come to your house and skin your pets and eat them in front of you.

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@EvolveYourself can I get access to the drive with all the novels ? Thanks

I bought and read a 10 comic series called The Wake that was pretty good. It was written by Scott Snyder. Not sure if you can find it online but it is worth a read. Also enjoyed Jason Aaron’s Thor God Of Thunder and Scalped.

Here’s the link to allow access to download from the GoogleDrive.

Anyone should be able to access the drive, but you may have to be signed into Google to do so.

BTW, it is FAR from complete. I’ve got so much shit to add that I just haven’t had the time to upload.

Oh, nice! I had forgotten about the ebooks in there as well.

@D1G1TALC1PHERS - is the Star Wars series you were talking about the one in the Gdrive?

The SW series is the one that Fish started uploading. I addede a few to it, but I’m not sure how current it is. The WD is current as of this month.

For comics, I suggest reading in a tablet. I use my iPad for it but any 10" tablet would work. I say this cause the fonts can get hard to read and it sucks zooming around. Also some of the artwork really pops out and is quite detailed.

On my android tablet I use Challenger Viewer ( to read cbz/cbr files. Works great and has a nice amount of options to resize and fit the comic on your screen to your liking.

I tried using a phone but my old eyes couldn’t see. An iPad is perfect. I was reading some at work on my computer today. My eyes really liked that. I brought a work ipad home and filled it with comics. Problem is, now I can’t find it. Of course neither kid knows where it ended up. I have until the end of the school year to find this stinking thing.

How do you lose an IPAD?

Good question. Boys were using it. Last I saw it, my oldest had it in his room charging. Several days passed and I went looking for it. Nobody has seen it or touched it. I figured it would turn up so didn’t get real concerned. That was months ago. Been looking high and low lately. I have no idea what happened to it.

Not that come to the house. More than likely, it is here somewhere. Just have to discover it.

I use comicrack on android and my pc. They have a free and premium version. Free is almost full featured. Everything you need.

My favorite feature is being able to sync from pc to tablet through wifi. This may be a premium feature I can’t remember, but it is much easier to download a shit load of comics on pc set them to sync and go to bed. When you wake up you are good to go.