Crown of sorrow xbox 9pm Saturday 7/20

@destinyplayers …do we wanna try this…maybe with raid gear on?

Taters gonna tate

you guys know the drill…we don’t know it so we will fail splendidly but these are the best times we have in GRG

please sign up below so i know if i need to stop my afk auto mats farming…Saturday or no…
(inside joke for those that listened to The ReaperCast 111 - Would you like some Cheese with that Destiny?)

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The ReaperCast will take any plug we can get. @Gunny prefers Butt Plugs…

I’d like to try this but I’m unsure whether I’ll be home at 9. I’m almost certain I will but can not commit 100%.

Count me in! I plan to fail sooooo hard it will be great!

Out this week.

I’ll try and hop on, though we have been getting some lousy weather here in Florida land.