The ReaperCast 111 - Would you like some Cheese with that Destiny?

Grim Reaper Gamers hosts a Bi-Weekly Podcast where we talk about Community News, Video Games, Beer and whatever else we feel like discussing. Once again we have a we have another GRG Member Spotlight! We also chat about all the latest gaming news and go over the plethora of Destiny 2 Cheeses.

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Member Spotlight

  • Twisted Gunsmith


  • Loading times for games. Damn you Destiny 2!!!!!

Gaming and Geek News

  • Call of Duty – Sticks and Stones RETURNS!
    • GRG favorite – Expect to play this Clan night
    • Crossbow, Ballistic knife, and a Tomahawk/Combat Axe
  • Destiny 2 Tributes system and Bad JuJu and Cheeses
    • AFK materials farming
    • Bad Juju Cheese
    • Menagerie Telestro gauntlet cheese.
  • Amazon creating Free to Play Lord of the Rings MMO
    • Free to Play
    • Released on all consoles and PC
  • Warframe Empyrean Update:
    • New DLC update – Duviri Paradox open world zone
    • Ship to Ship Combat
    • New Warframes – Guass and Grendel
  • The Division 2: Episode 1 – DC Outskirts: Expedition releases July 23
    • 2 new Missions – Camp White Oak and Manning National Zoo
    • New Weapons and Gear –
      • One exotic weapon: Diamondback Rifle
      • One exotic gear: BTSU Datagloves
      • Two weapons: Stoner LMG and Carbine 7
    • Crafting Update – Players will be able to craft level 500 Gear
  • Borderlands 3 teasing Cross Platform play?
    • The possibility of Borderlands 3 players across PC, PS4, and Xbox One playing together

Community Info

Originally published at:

Once again, thank you @TwistedGunsmith for coming on the show. I would suggest all GRG to at least listen to the the member spotlight section (of this podcast and the last 2). It’s a good way to get to know your fellow GRG members.

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Yep any time and thanks for having me had a lot of fun and got to drink for the first time in forever too so thats an added bonus

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Good lord my voice it sounds like someone scratching a chalkboard


I also had fun with your volume. For some reason it didn’t record on a consistent level. I basically had to amplify sections of your comments. Usually I can just boost all the audio but not in this case.

Also, speaking of Destiny Cheese… I spotted an AFK Cheese Farmer last night…

Shame @valiantvictory!!!

Rant…well with the Xbox and and a SSD I’m 1st in all the time but load times are not great still no big… gambit and crucible seems take longer

Bad Juju: one of my favorites…so fuck you @Lala_Calamari I care…(exotic PULSE Rifle)

Cheese: look I’m not gonna grind for the planetary mats…time is tight for the summer…I have plenty to do in this game that i like…endless planetary grinds and running my resources into the ground…if i can work around i will

Tribute hall will be fixed in 2 weeks…no one that cheesed will get credit on the emblem for triumphs.

Glad i was not on…I would have defended my cheese…yes i would argue with you @Gunny
image …like me some cheese

maybe I’ll be on next time to speak of the amazing game that is Destiny 2

Counting with Gunny 345-345-678-123…

Cross play…someday

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