Dark and Light Mega Thread

It seems like we’ve got a big Ark presence. Thought some of you might be interested in this. It’s not by the Ark people but they did assist with it, apparently. It comes out in a bit over two hours.

New expansion is dropping “this summer” and will be free for people who own DnL.

GRG Server Info

Port: 7777
Query Port: 27015

Dark and Light Links:

Main Site: http://www.playdnl.com/
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/dnl/
Wiki 1: https://wiki.ganareth.com/
Wiki 2: http://darkandlight.gamepedia.com/

How To Videos:

Just some tips


Rocks = Axe on Rock
Grass, Flowers = Sword
Straw = Sythe
Twine = Pickaxe on tree
Logs = Axe on Tree
Sulfur = Pickaxe on Rock
Fur = Sythe on dead animals or tamed sheep to craft it with Grass
Mushrooms = Tamed Boar attack on grass or just let him wander for some time and check his inv
For iron and copper use a pickaxe for best yield

Gathering Locations

Copper = abandoned tower Northeast of base location all over that hill side is a lot of nodes
Iron = Directly east of town over the bridge and up the mountain path. Watch out as there are all kinds of flying creatures up there.

Other Notes

  • Hitting “R” will go right to the inventory of the item you are selecting. Instead of holding down “E”
  • Hitting “I” for inventory while out in the wilderness or going afk will automatically spawn a goblin next to you, to beat you and take your shit. BE WARNED

Map Locations as of 8-7-17

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Oh man that looks good. I need something to dive into. I will look at this more when I get home.


I think I am hurt you don’t want to protect me in this game and only tag Farmer.

Buy it. I will do my best. I think this would be a hit as it has actual shit to do other than taming,building, and pvp.

That looks gorgeous.
Depending on the price it launches at I might look into it further first.

Looks like a more populated world too - rather than just caveman survival style.


@MohawkViking has already got it on his Steam wishlist

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I think I want the name to be Light & Dark though …

No screens in there of the UI. All cinematic stuff.

A bit concerning…

Game looks fun. I have heard its going to be pretty bare bones at first and it will be $30 for early access. They game has had no beta, so its pretty much a crap shoot. I will let you early adopters test it out first and let me know.

@Grex sits on his throne and decrees to his early adopter people…

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Whew lad. I won’t be playing anytime soon. Has me defeated on 2 parts.

wow did not even look at the requirements. Damn!

Those are recommended. Here are the minimum req’s, for what it’s worth.

Yeah but who wants to play a game like that on minimum? lol

Dark and Light is releasing earlier than they wanted to beat this game to market…

I will be getting this but only playing when I can upgrade or just buy a whole new pc

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Looks like Dark and Light is starting off with a sale. At 17% off, you can’t afford NOT to buy.

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Server rental from the place I get my ARK server is $10/month for 50 slots. Great price if we get enough people playing.

Has anyone played it? Handful of reviews mention it’s essentially an Ark reskin.

LOL its funny…the steam pages are pretty close to being the same. At least the requirements with “Citadel: Forge with Fire” is not as demanding.

Damn a few of yall jumped on that game quick…who has installed and played it? @anon3687162 @anon42851937 @Grex @D1G1TALC1PHERS

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