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                      Welcome to the Mega Thread Table of Contents.

Below you will find all the Mega Threads created on the GRG Forums. Being that we can not keep this topic permanently “pinned” for everyone. We suggest that each person “BookMark” this thread for easy access back to it.

This Thread will be updated as Mega Threads are created. This is a way to help keep topics and conversations that pertain to specific games under the Mega Thread created for that game. If you desire for a Mega Thread to be created for a game not listed. You can create one your self and add it to this list. This post is a wiki post, meaning any GRG member can edit it.



Sales & Deals



Update: 26AUG2017

Assassin’s Creed Origins added.

Middle - Earth: Shadow of War added.

Playstation - PS Plus, Sales, Deals, and PS Plus Games added.

Update: 28SEPT2017

Red Dead Redemption 2 added

Update: 2DEC2017

  • Added Star Citizen


Update: Added Tera

added god of war.

added No Man’s Sky.

Added SCUM and Fallout 76. Also Blops 4.

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Added Battlefield V.

Added Metro Exodus

added Apex Legends

Added Borderlands 3.

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I thought we weren’t using the mega threads anymore?

Not a actively, but since claude created one I added it.