Star Citizen Mega Thread

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What is Star Citizen

Just Imagine, a sandbox unlike any other. A galactic sized sandbox where you can live out your Sci-Fi fantasies how ever you wish to do so:

  • Be an Ace Pilot like Starbuck from Battlestar Galactica
  • Be a Smuggler like Mal Reynolds from Firefly
  • Be an Explorer like Captain Kirk from Star Trek
  • Be a Space Pirate like Captain Harlock
  • Be a Bounty Hunter like Boba Fett from Star Wars
  • Be a Space Marine like Master Chief from Halo

None of those tickle your fancy? Well, there are ships designed to be: Luxury Yachts, Salvage Ships, Passenger Shuttles, Capital Ships, Info Runners, Racing Ships, Long Range Scouts, Merchants, Cargo Ships, Infiltration Ships, and that’s just before the game even launches.

It’s hard to explain just what Star Citizen is as it is a sandbox MMO, and there are so many components to this grand idea. It’s being developed by Cloud Imperium Games, with Chris Roberts (Wing Commander, Freelancer) as Chairman. The entire game is being crowd founded.

Here is a list of some of the components of Star Citizen:

  • Dogfighting - Small single or two manned fighters
  • Multi-Crewed ships - from 3 man ships up to large capital ships that have over 60 people all on one ship at a time
  • Modular ships - Remove sections of a ship (like a cargo bay) and replace it with another (torpedo bay)
  • Ground based combat - like Call of Duty
  • MMO Persistent Universe - Like WoW
  • PC Only - Designed from the ground up to be a PC game, the developers have not had to hold anything back to make it one of the biggest and most beautiful games in existence.
  • Private Servers - Like Minecraft (and can be modded)
  • Huge maps - Up to almost 9Billion KM’s in size, in real life it’s only 5.9 Billion KM’s from the Sun to Pluto
  • No loading screens - Seamless transitions between different zones
  • Box cost only - No subscription required
  • Realistic Physics - Your ship handles based on size, weight and engine power/position. If you lose a wing, it drastically changes the handling of the ship.
  • Procedural Generation - Some things will be procedurally generated (like No Mans Sky) others are hand crafted by developers.
  • Full economy system - That will allow you to buy goods cheap in one system and sell them at a premium in another
  • PvP - Want to play as a pirate and steal ships? That’s in-game.
  • Perma-Death - If you die and there is no medic to revive you, you will find yourself in a cloning station. Die too many times and your character won’t be able to be clone any further and that character will die, and all of your belongings will go to a new character that you have deemed as its inheritor.
  • Unique experience - If you are given the chance to kill General Bob, a primary NPC, that character will die and never return and your character will go down in the NPC’s history as being the one who killed him. Same goes for discovering new planets and systems, you will be the only one to be named as the explorer who founded the new system.


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Disclaimer: These are the goals of Star Citizen in it’s release form. They are not all in the game yet. :laughing:


anyone find a way to “close/lock” up your ship when you exit it?

Got an email about SC 2018. Has 3.0 dropped? Looks like 3.1 is planned for March. Anyone able to get in and try it out yet.

Grumpy has tried 3.0 but his PC struggled with it I think. I haven’t tried it yet.

Yeah, 3.0 has been out almost a month. You need at minimum a 250 SSD to play now so that took me out of the fight.

Is it worth jumping in right now? I’ve paid some attention to it over the years, but don’t really know what is in it and how much work it has until release.

@GrumpyInUt ?

I think grumpy hasnt touched it. I tried to play agian after 3.0 dropped but to me was still very rough around the edges.

It is a flight sim and i found dog fighting to be very difficult tracking a target unless you have a HOTAS setup. gamepad was an improvement over M/K but still difficult. But than i dont have much experience with space flight games.

Edit to add: i tried the shooter mode, noting to write home about there. was curious about the story mode but have since lost interest in that.


Do you have a beast PC and $60 to blow on a nice looking tech demo? Then yes, go for it.

My PC won’t run it after the 3.0 update and release isn’t something coming anytime soon.
I’m guessing it might hit release in 4-5 years.

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So apparently this trailer generated another million dollars in funding for them.

They gotta pay all those stars.

Holy crap. So that is where all their money went.

This is why they got another million…

I thought it was common knowledge the is a well-orchestrated fraud/con?