Borderlands 3 Megathread

I think I’ll go with FL4K for my first play through.


Skill tree discussion -


Skill tree discussion -


Skill tree discussion -


Skill tree discussion -

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OMG, a @Claude505 post!

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I’d like to be more upset. But I just can’t help but smile when I see a dog pooping.


Havn’t decided yet. Seems like most in BL community want to go fl4k. Amara is a siren/gunzerker. Zane is typical soldier character. I really don’t know at this point

my first pick going solely off the trailers is to play Moze. Plus she was the character outline that made me think Tiny Tina would be playable in BL3 when I saw the reveal at PAX East a couple years ago

From the trailers I wanted to try out Fl4k.
Moze is probably my second choice.

I’m thinking Fl4k. I’m probably running solo for a bit so that would make most sense for me.

I never played a siren or commando, so may go siren for first playthrough. Not entirely sure yet. Surprised they don’t have a dedicated sniper, but maybe that’s molded into commando.

Going to post the planets here as well in prep for a possible BL3 megathread. I can’t wait to see the rest of the Claptrap videos





Zane has some sniper skills in his tree specifically geared towards Jacobs weapons (since those are his specialty)

Yea I was looking at that. May make me want to play him one playthru.

They also talked about Flak having a sniper skill tree (I think that was the Hunter one).

Cool. I need to look at flak again. Havn’t really since I was not considering him first run.

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Season three just hit for vips… Go get your loot from season three weaponizer. Just got a lvl 10 fastblast poison shotty for bl3

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I got the Unkempt Harold for BL2. Not bad

@Gunny as a borderlands noob that has reserved a copy where should I start so I’m not super behind on they overall story?

Start in 3? Or previous titles? Definitely BL1 if you never played and want story!

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