No Man's Sky Mega Thread

I myself will be teaming up with any @PCGamers but when this releases next Tuesday, it is also the day it becomes available for Xbox.

More deets have surfaced.

Advanced Crafting Chart:

Med/Large Refinery Chart:

Radar Tips:


  1. Number Puzzles

  2. Portals and how to use them/Player addresses


Wait. What!?!

You read right.

July 24th is the “Next” update for No Man’s Sky. It is also the same day that the game is available for Xbox. The update is free for all platforms as are all prior updates.

It finally looks like the game many of us were hoping for when it was unveiled.

I’ll install again and give it a whirl. Think I put 20-30 hours in at launch and never went back.

Yeah i saw this trailer…might have to “re-learn” NMS to play. This game I could only imagine would be awesome in true multiplayer/coop

So, how many of the @pcgamers have NMS and want to try to get together after Next comes out?

@anon36214017 chalk up another one.


So mean…after all that time in Neverwinter.

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I have it and have put little time Into it up to this point. I am also off work for the next week so put me down

I’m down

@PCGamers what are you plans? Anyone starting over fresh? Anyone want to group up and build a massive trader colony?

This update changes so much. I am hyped. My save is farely new I only have around 300k and just got the recipe for antimatter. I am tempted to start fresh to see it all from the beginning.

@GrumpyInUt are you gonna come find all us noobs?

I’ll be starting from scratch. I got it last year on the steam sale after returning it after its terrible launch, and I mainly got it last year because of the promise of what they were doing/planned to do.

I’ll be starting from scratch. When they updated ship tech I had to start over and didn’t play much.
There’s enough change this time that I might as well do it again so put me down for helping build the trader colony.

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After reading this article I would like you to build an underwater base with a room for me please.

Those freighters don’t just disappear - they head to the specific system where the mission takes place. If you really wanted to annoy a party member, you could trick them into landing on a frigate, then send it on a mission in a distant system, blasting them into space with your laughter ringing in their ears. Just a thought.

Bye @anon3687162 !

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But then you would have this issue…

Good reading about how poorly the launch went.

Here’s an interesting post from Sean Murray on Next and the future, including a launch of a site called the Galactic Atlas.