Fallout 76 Megathread

Fallout 76 drops November 14th 2018


I’m ready!


Co op fallout…i am def in on this

nice fallout survival should be sweet.

There was never any doubt I would be in for this. I have pre-ordered the Power Armor Edition so I am a happy vault-dweller.

I think if you pre-order you are also in for the B.E.T.A (Break-it Early Test Application) :slight_smile:

so humanity learned nothing from near extinction.

go get more nukes and kill your rivals…

Can I just get a nuke to hit GRG’s web server?




Soooo…who is playing on pc and who is console???

Console first for me.

Console only for me. Really wanted to say I finally watched video in OP and damn it looks fun. Can’t wait

damn, gonna try to resist buying on both

Probably starting on console…but damn if I don’t want this on PC.

This may or may not be the first Fallout game I get.

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Lala lies thread.


I hedged, I have an out. I’ve learned from @anon42851937’s mistakes.

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  • Server will support 24-32 players
  • Dynamic events
  • Public workshops claimable by groups
  • Deep crafting system - Mods, ammo,food,water, power, and more
  • You have to eat and drink but not a huge burden
  • Map divided into 6 areas each with unique biomes and challenges
  • Dynamic weather - Rad storms!
  • Dynamic lighting, subsurface scattering, complex creature animations
  • Player mutations - unlock certain traits with pros and cons temporary but can be made more permanent and there is cures
  • Leveling up unlocks perk cards which you can only have a certain amount equipped. They can be sold to other players. Possible robot vendor you can setup.
  • Activating nuke missiles is an endgame activity which results in the bombed area’s fauna and flora to become irradiated and therefore spawn higher level drops and materials
  • To combat PvP griefing, there’ll be Wanted levels for aggressive players, while an emote wheel and voice chat will help with communication.
  • Free DLC for years

Yup I am getting this.


Hell yeah! Im so stoked. November can’t come soon enough!