Tera Console Mega Thread

TERA, formerly known as The Exiled Realm of Arborea, is a free-to-play action-based massively multiplayer online roleplaying game (MMORPG) developed by Bluehole Studio and published by En Masse Entertainment and Gameforge.

Tera is a F2P (Free to Play) MMO with a cash shop. It does have a subscription that is not required but with nice incentives for the hardcore players. Which provides things like power leveling, fast travel, and extra gold.

This was released for consoles on April 3rd.

GRG is located on server…
XBox: Vesporax (PvP) / Clan Name: Grim Gamers
PS4: Dracoloth (PvE) / Clan Name: G Reaper Gamers

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Past GRG Threads

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Check out Rigonn’s review for consoles

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Got characters on Tera. Post up the info.

On xbox:
Grexy - Berzerker - DPS
Kahura - Reaper - DPS

Cipheria - Slayer - DPS

I think @TwistedGunsmith is


On Xbox

Rigonn - Baraka Mystic (healz)


Kahula - Castanic Slayer

updated OP with clan name

Nice job on the thread creation Grex. Looks good.

XB1…toon name coming soon.

Yep @anon36214017 got a lvl 45 sorcerer right. Now on the dracoloth server

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FYI, Guild leveling and guild features (bank, etc…) are not yet in the game. You can create one but that is it currently.

Can you apply to the guild by just searching?

yes, you can.

Is there a guild made on the ps4 side?

Don’t think anyone did in the end.
Not that I know of anyway.

@PlayStationPlayers anyone want to make one? If so what server? Also what server is everyone on currently? Mine is dracoloth.

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I don’t think the servers have the same name

So need a make new character for diff server on ps4 if ppl are on a diff one ? Ugh…wheres everyone at on ps4?

Someone just pick a server. It’s that easy.

Let’s go with Dracoloth for the PS4 GRG server.
Twisted already has a toon there and I’ll move if I need to.

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That’ll work then I can help y’all power level