TERA Console Release - April 3

As stated in the main title the game will be having a full release on console the 3rd of April. As to my personal opinion on this subject, not quite sure if 2 stress tests did the trick but we shall see in a little bit.

FOUNDERS Packs are already available to those interested in the perks, title and days of advantage. Those who DO purchase any founders pack have the ability to start the grind on March 27th instead of April 3rd.


Grins = game ?

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Grind, I would imagine

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You can find the info on the founders packs here.


Founder pack Prices.

From Tera-Console Discord (En-Masse Employee):

Prices of Founder’s Packs in NA should be as follows:
Founder’s Pack = $29.99
Founder’s Pack Deluxe = $59.99
Founder’s Pack Supreme = $99.99
Founder’s Pack Ultimate = $149.99
Prices will vary depending on region and platform

Founder’s Packs will hit:
-Xbox Store at Midnight EDT on 03/27
-PS4-EU Store at 8:00AM UTC on 03/27
-PSN-NA Store at 9:00AM PDT on 03/27


Meant grind lol

I ended up getting this. I am on the only PVP server there is at the moment. So if anyone else gets it let me know.


I plan to get it. FC my keep me from playing for a bit but I still plan on getting a founder’s pack.

I’ll wait until next week when it goes F2P

I will be doing so as soon as the full game is released. Not quite sure if founders pack was for me so ill just wait for release but ill be on it heavily trying to get to end game quick.

I’m rich! Used 3 of the keys that came with Twitch prime for the boxes. I got a red ruby that sells to a vendor for 100 gold. In reality I don’t think it is all that much but it’s 99 more gold than I had. I also got a 50% XP boost gor 5 hours and some potion.

Is now a bad time to say that I read a few comments suggesting to save the keys for a time-limited event that the PC players get regularly, so we would also presumably see (later).

It’s cool I still have 7.

Edited to add: I have added another 181 since I last typed. You get gems for doing dailies too.

a few of the quests will give you gems. you will be banking several hundred in no time.

pro-tip the lock boxes that drop are also level capped. first ones are 1-22, then it goes 22-35 i think. so saving them is a good idea if you can.

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Elite status makes you level so fast. Already 21. I just started around 5.

Yeah, I went from 17-25 last night, just by doing quests and one instance dungeon*

*=in which I totally did not get lost…even with a map.


Does anyone else immediately go to the first server on the list. Then you have to back out to the select server screen?

Unless your toon is on the first server!

Well they added more so it might not be first anymore.