Elite: Dangerous Mega Thread

Not sure if @admins can sticky in this thread what I’m linking below but they are some useful tools to use while playing.

Commodity, Ship, Ship parts, trade route finder: https://eddb.io/

Ship Builder (Nice for building your ship offline so you don’t blindly buy parts that may not work)

Personal Tracker (This one becomes much more useful if you buy Horizons as it has engineer info and will keep track of your materials)

The Guide (Good read if you’re just starting out or the average player)

Fuel Rats Sub Reddit (When you’re out of fuel and nobody is online to help)

CG Tracking Sub Reddit (This one works ‘ok’ for the most part if you want to check the status of a CG offline.)

Mining Sub Reddit (pretty decent stuff in here for all things mining in Elite)

SRV Scanner Click the checkbox to show the visual and hit the play button to hear the sound. They are toggles so hit them again to turn them off.

Last year’s discussion that lost steam. Elite Dangerous

@anon3687162, This is what I linked you in Discord earlier just to rile you up.

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I pinned the topic for you for the month.


Unlike Jammer, I learned to fly my ship. Sadly that’s all I know how to do in this game. I never understood how to make money or run trade routes. I need massive hand holding.

I know @anon3687162 finally found the alternative controls that are required to land. GG.

There’s still a few deals today

Well this is the perfect place since our community follows how our leader acts…helpful and forgiving…always willing to hand hold and help with a game.

Thanks for that database link above @GrumpyInUt. Used it last night so I could figure out where to buy a certain part for my ship on the PC side.

Found this site with a ton of video tutorials if you are just getting started.

I knew the databases and guides were what you needed. This game would be empty without them.

Glad to see you’re finally getting a handle on things!

@GrumpyInUt post about that Alien thing. Or @BalekFekete had the video.

Aliens make their presence known in Elite Universe today!

Check out one of the first Cmdr’s video memory recollections’ of the brief experiences.


Alarm not citizens…these bizarre encounters are still under research, but do not fear what is unknown. Know that after decades upon decades of rising to the challenge, our new present and future history shall be no different.

Last known sighting was over 300 Ly from Sol. We do urge caution to travelers, explorers and any other Cmdr’s that find themselves near the edge of the populated bubble. Any pilot that bares witness or experiences any estranged events, please report to your local Faction Representative and to the Pilots Federation.

That is all…Fly Safe Cmdr o7

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Known Elite Dangerous Commentator and Speculator gives his views and thoughts about ‘first contact’

Known Elite Dangerous Commentator and Speculator gives a tour of a city that is accessible through the Horizons DLC.

This game falls into the one more category. Maybe one more mission. Maybe one more bounty. And then hours later…

A mining Guide for those interested.

Looks like this update just hit…Xbox side just downloaded.


Freelance Report: Imperial Factions React to Discovery
10 JAN 3303
In recent days, a number of pilots have reported being pulled from hyperspace by alien-looking ships. Reactions have ranged from shock and fear to curiosity and excitement.

Influential Imperial groups the Chapterhouse of Inquisition, Lavigny’s Legion and the 9th Legion have issued strict no-fire orders to their pilots in the event that they are confronted by these mysterious vessels. The orders follow reports that the ships are not acting aggressively and are simply scanning ships they encounter.

“Under no circumstances should any of our pilots engage these vessels,” said Governor Shelby Ortega, speaking from Chapterhouse of Inquisition headquarters in Kamadhenu.

“We do not know their motivations, so to act rashly could have dire consequences. Be mindful that these vessels can seemingly disable ship systems on a whim. We should avoid making enemies of beings we know nothing about.”

Commander Jubei Himura

Link to Report: