Xbox One X Mega Thread

After much speculation online, Eurogamer has announced that Digital Foundry will have “an exclusive Xbox Scorpio reveal” this coming Thursday, April 6th at 2pm UK time.

Here’s the full story…

Here are the specs, compared to the XB1 and PS4 Pro:

Popular speculation is the price will be $499, but nothing is official there yet.

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I think some awesome podcast has been predicting $499 for a while now.

And here is the reveal article:

Already laying the groundwork to sneak this in somehow. The chances of me getting one are extremely slim but it’s worth the effort. Maybe Santa Claus will hook me up!

I’m hoping for a strong fiscal year leading to a good bonus. I’d like to upgrade my TV at the same time.

The definition of this is I will need to pay off the 2 Switches, and Scorpio I buy.


Like I said, by the time the Switch has a decent lineup/fixes their issues, Scorpio will be out and Switch will be a distant memory.

What will Scorpio bring other than better hardware specs? Will game developers have to write code for the standard XBox and Scorpio? Or will it automatically just be better? I’m just worried about support.

My bet is that they will have varying graphics levels like PC does, but rather than changing graphic settings manually, the games will read which console you have and set themselves accordingly.

It will be just like the PS PRO. Some games will get 4k support right away, first party mostly. As time goes by more and more older games will get support depending on if the developer wants to take the time. Most of the new games will come with 4k out of the box.

I think the biggest thing it brings is that extra 4GB of RAM. That should speed up the OS, Clip recording, etc. IMO a quality of life upgrade.

I’ll probably wait for the first price drop on the scorpio unless I just feel like blowing money out of my ass. I already have 2 xbox and most of the time play at 1080p due to capture card anyway.

Screenshot of Forza 6 on Scorpio.


Well, I’m gonna grab it day one. It’s the only reason I didn’t grab an S, because I was waiting for it. I want to make use of my t.v.

Furthering the already very obvious Kinect is dead is there will be no Kinect port on the Scorpio. Remember when the One launched and they said you had to have Kinect?

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Yes what Johnny Hustler said, varying graphics levels like PC which would give even 1080 games a better look and feel, so I hear.
I held off on the XB S to get this one in hopes they deliver what is promised the techs seem to say it will be able to play 4k at 60 ?

There isn’t one on the S either. You have to waste a USB port with an adapter.

The funny thing I loved my kinect until I got the S and stopped using it. I don’t miss it as much as I thought I would.

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Came across this tweet. Found it funny.


Checking at the news this morning and found this article. Cookie cutter version:

CPU: Eight custom x86 cores
GPU: 6 teraflops
Memory bandwidth: 326GB/s
Vapour-chamber cooling
1TB Hard Drive

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This 100%