Destiny raid 2/3 Saturday

We are running this at 9 EST. EOW raid, the new one. All are welcome. Newbie’s don’t be shy. We will laugh at you and hurt your feelings, the GRG way. Don’t worry, they do that to me all the time. That said sign up. We will help you and make fun of you. We are running it, if we have to LFG it we will and we will fill a fire team pretty quickly. If you can’t commit send me a message when you get on Saturday as people are in and out all night and we can usually get you in. We play until I or Destroyer falls asleep at the controller. When one of us starts snoring you know it is over. Usually 2 or 3 am EST.

I know @DestinyPlayers is in the out box now but this raid is one of the best times I have gaming. Never finished it but just playing with a group is fun.

And a shout out to @Lala_Calamari and whoever I missed for consolidating the clan even with the waning interest.


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