Division 2 Noob Here

Finally picked this gem up. Any tips for the noob? I did not play the first title and am new to shooter/looters

Play how you want to play. Try everything. Don’t stick to one gun or one type of gun. Don’t worry about the meta. Just explore.
Also, this is a cover based shooter like mass effect or gears of war. Don’t try to run and gun, you will be disappointed.


I’ve quickly learned this is not CoD. Running and gunning definitely did not work for me

The game is a bit overwhelming though. I’ve played Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon in the past so the prospective is not new. What is a little confusing is what to do first. I feel like there is an order and if I play out of order I might miss something.

There isn’t much too miss playing out of order. Take it from me. Play the way you want. Wanna go full out support with rifle and lmg? Go for it! Full on Assault rifle and smg? Rock and roll!
Word from the wise. Don’t bother with the side missions unless there is shade tech.
Once you reach level 30 its like and etch a sketch. They erase it so you can start over.


So I’ve let loose and discontinued my previous linear ways. I’ve taken over a few strongholds and discovered some tech. The game is very enjoyable but I find it difficult at times

Interesting how some enemies flank while others come at you head on. I find the baton wielding enemies super annoying.

I’m stuck on the library mission and think I need to level up some more before being able to complete the mission.

Very solid game and I’m glad I purchased it.

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They’ve definitely upped the difficulty compared to the first one where you could just run and face tank everything. Huge emphasis on being in cover and using strategy. Running with a group will help out tremendously especially if everyone is playing a role to help others out.

I personally did the main missions and strongholds first with an occasional side mission here and there. Do all control points as well as you’ll get good loot from them and once you reach level 30 and get to the world tiers all the miscellaneous objectives such as control points, propaganda broadcasts etc will reset and continue to be taken back over.

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Also be sure to keep up with the mega thread here: The Division 2 Mega Thread

Also do you have it for PS4 or XBox? Want to make sure we get you added to the in game clan

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I own it for the Xbox.

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Running solo could be my issue. It’s becoming clear to me that this is a co op experience.

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You can solo quite a bit but it’s tough and frustrating… grouping up is the way to go.

I think @Lala_Calamari and @Grex can send you an invite to the XBox clan

Hit up the other @DivisionPlayers on xbox and join their parties when you see them on

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I’ve added you to my xbox FL. My GT is YggBjorn
Feel free to drop in party chat anytime.

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Thank you! I will add you to my FR as well.

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Finally completed the MLK Library side mission. Took quite awhile and a great deal of frustration. The addictive gameplay keeps me coming back for more

I did not utilize grenades enough and failed to go from cover to cover. Learned the lessons the hard way.