Elite Dangerous

There may be a thread on this but I am too lazy to go back that far. Has anybody played this

theres a search function lol

@HAWKLANDER was interested in it but i dunno if he ever got it.

it was one of @rocketsod main games in his intro post

and @EnyoBellona said it was one of his top games on PC this year.

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I have it but I am stuck on ARK right now. I really want to get into it at some point.

I bought it but I’m not sure. HUGE learning curve. I jumped into the tutorials and all I can say is that this may be the hardest game I have ever seen. First mission was to shoot some containers. Tutorial shows you which button deploys guns and which button fires. There is nothing on how to drive or steer your ship. From what I have read and watched, I really want to like the game but I am not sure I have the patience.

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Reminds me of EVE online.
Have a friend I saw playing it last night (he also played EVE), I’ll ask him what he thinks.

I expect ridiculous learning curve and a complete time sink.
100s of hours later I imagine I still wouldn’t understand everything.

I’m curious how this game plays out.

Looks like a cross between EVE and Star Citizen, but then again CCP is working on EVE: Valkyrie at the moment, and that looks promising as well.

Ahhh… too many space shooters. First world problems.

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My dick is so hard for EVE Valkyrie.

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My brief time with it was fun. Being a sci-fi nut it made me tingle down there. There is a lot to learn and perfect. I would have played more if I had people to play with at the time.

I have never played any of the games mentioned above. Maybe I should have. All I have learned is that there is no instructions and it is hard. I am going to go home after work today and give it another try but I don’t expect to like it any better lol. Not sure I have the patience to learn a game like this.

Youtube videos got me to were I could play it enough to get started. Landing(parking) is a bitch.

Yeah, I hear parking is a bitch. It took me forever to blow up a container on the first tutorial lol. I can only imagine how hard parking is going to be. I think I read you can equip something on your ship to help with parking. I just watched a couple of videos linked inside the tutorial (should have watched them yesterday) that cleared up a few things. Ran the first three tutorials again and did a little better this time around. At least I didn’t feel like throwing my controller through the tv this time.

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Sometimes I wanna acquire a few old tube tvs just to break them in moments of rage.

@h2daddy talk to Levi or Tengu as they have the game and play a bit.

I hopped in a chat with Tengu the other day while he and a couple other guys were playing. That is what lead me to looking into the game. I watched a few more videos that really helped explain things. I actually docked my ship last night for the first time and honestly, it was the most satisfying moment I have had in gaming in a long time. I spent 10 minutes trying to line up my ship the first time only to dock at the wrong landing pad. Turns out this is illegal and I was promptly blown up. After that, I actually landed the ship at the right pad and like I said, it was awesome. Can’t wait to play again now.


Elite Dangerous is an awesome game. Your mission…if you choose to accept it…is to pilot into the unknown seeking only what desires you wish to succeed in.

Want to be a pirate and feast among the wreckage of unsuspecting CMDR’s…breed the hate…show them the error of their ways and lay claim to space lanes. However be warned…seeking this life may lead you to be hunted for the ever growing bounty that is placed upon your dark dark heart.

Wish to work your way up the corporate ladder and complete trades of extraordinary magnitudes…Grab your ship, your cargo and plot out your own unique space trucking lanes…dodging and evading interdiction attempts from pirates and the ‘not-so-friendly’ CMDR’s encountered in your travels.

Are you noble, maybe looking for loyalty and dedication…pledge your allegiance to one of the Galactic Powers reigning for control over space systems. Whether through force or diplomatic mission and encounters, assist your Galactic Power take control and be rewarded in ‘unique’ subsystems and abilities only available to through allegiance pledged.

Maybe your a lone-wolf…someone seeking what others have yet to dream of…cast yourself away from the populated systems and explore the stars and nebula’s throughout the unknown. Chart systems, discover stars, planets, asteroids…and sell your data to those who are to scared to make the next jump in fear of no return. You are the explorer…dare to go beyond.

Does the thought of gathering bring joy and peace to your life. Load the lasers, increase your cargo and pop in some tunes…search and discover belts of ore and asteroids waiting…just sitting there…waiting for you and your ship. Manually pilot around and gather precious metals to be delivered and therefore rewarding you and your ventures, but beware …where the richer belts are, you may have to defend yourself as well. Start your Mining Career today.

How bout them ships…feel like ‘winging-up’…find a few of your fellow CMDR’s and soar through the universe together…whether your group is righteous or devious…your and your friends and now fly together in open play with 1000’s of other pilots or on your own group play with the A.I.

Which ever way you choose play, you affect the same universe on the platform you choose to play on. Your actions can effect the control of what political outlook happens in each system. Maybe even cause a ‘war’ to break out. Then pick which side of the war you wish to support. Its all good fun in Elite Dangerous.

Anyone deciding to play this game…I HIGHLY recommend getting a joystick. Also…map out your keys…there are so many functions in this game and they are ALL able to be customized. Wish your Overview/HUD was a different color…you can even change that.

All of this greatness and I haven’t even mentioned or talked about the expansion which allows you to land on planets, scout, drive around and carry out various missions…I have yet to play the expansion part of the game…but it looks pretty freaking awesome too.

I have this game on PC. I purchased it through the Developer’s website, which i also recommend. If you do purchase through the developer’s website, you can obtain a ‘steam code’ to link your game to Steam. Doing it this way ensures more money goes to the developer.

I bought it for the Xbox. Just finished my first real mission. I decided to jump into multiplayer and start my career. I’m understanding how to steer a little better. I felt like it was time. I accepted a mission to deliver something to a distant place. I fumbled through my navigation and picked out where I was going and charged things up and away I went. Still having a little trouble docking. I was setting it down exactly where I was suppose to and it wouldn’t dock. I had to take off a couple of times and come back in and try again. This mission had me go to four different places before I could collect my 67,000 credits. It took me almost two hours. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. It was awesome. I’m sure if I knew what I was doing, it was probably a 30 minute job. I also had problems knowing when to come out of hyperdrive, or whatever it’s called and over shot things a few times.

I have never been much of a sci fi guy. I have never dreamed of going into space. This game sucks you in and is hard to explain but you honestly feel like you are in space. Space is a beautiful place and so is this game.

Stupid Drunken Impulse Purchase ACHIEVED! (damn these half priced games)

I’m just going through some tutorials and haven’t started the game yet. Which faction are you in?


Just read @EnyoBellona’s post and it is really intriguing. Though the “It’s not easy figuring this game out” scares me off. I loved flying around in space in Star Trek Online.

The learning curve is huge from my understanding and there doesn’t appear to be an in game tutorial. Which is odd.

If it was easier I would be all over it. But with the difficulty I feel like I would be trying to plant corn in the winter.

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