ESO Nightblade builds

I know there’s a few GRG playing ESO at the moment and I think we’re all playing Nightblades. I figured I’d share what types of builds I’m going for. From my understanding Dual weild / Bow is good for PvE or group PvP (and leveling). Two Handed / Bow is good for PvP ganking.

So right now I’m gearing up to dual wield / bow. (Not that I can get a fucking bow to drop, getting staffs for days. which I could never get on my Sorcerer who needed staffs). I’m also focusing all my points into Stamina.

I started with this build. I followed his choices for Bow (even though he didn’t unlock them yet). I think this is a good start and it’s a quick video. His music choice leaves a lot to be desired.

I’m now going to work towards these types of builds while leveling.

or this

This is my end goal. I want to make the NB just like this guy. Make sure to watch the videos as it has 2 of my favorite songs (NSFW a bit).

You all really need to watch that last video just for the songs. Be careful as they are NSFW.

I’ll have to watch the vid to see if it’s in line with how I was doing my bow/dual.

You are right, tho, bows don’t drop often, and my woodworking isn’t good enough to build, tho my enchanting could be pretty good now.

I think my main can build some bows. Nothing too great. I was really looking for a Training bow for the bonus XP.

Yea I can build crappy low level maple bows. Need to work on oak builds next, but don’t want to put that much time in finding oak. Wish there was a store…

No shit, I would of just bought a fucking bow.

Or bought the shit ton of mats to make one. That’s what I would’ve done. Raise up the skills

Just dinged 18 and still have yet to get a Bow to drop. Staffs are dropping like crazy.

So I went into some of the towns to buy a Bow from the guild traders… yeah right. Because why have starter gear in the start cities…

ESO needs a Global Auction house.

i tried watching the first build… i got lost. i like the game, and I get into it, but never to that level. I wish there was an app or a build sheet like gw2 where you can just have all the skill trees available, and you get get builds that way. it’s easier for my non-neckbeard self to follow.

Yeah, I had to pause it a lot. I’m now following the other guides. It seems like the abilities are named different. Also, some are morphed abilities, so you have to know what the original one is.

I’m still looking for an attack rotation. I’m proccing skills but am unsure what to follow up with. I found play guys for my Sorcerer so I knew that when I procced my skills to use Crystal Fragments. It was an insta cast and hit for massive damage. I’m not sure what to use with the Nightblade and I think I’m wasting the proc.

actually, this is what i was looking for

now, i’d like to start finding different builds. I’ll log on tomorrow and figure out what i have and I’ll post it. probably have to re-do some stuff as well.

After 10+ levels of trying I finally got a non-white bow to drop. I’m like 21 or 22 and all I get are shitty staffs which this guy won’t use at all. It’s unreal.

Nice, what kind of bow? I think I had a lvl15 green flame for a bit, then I just got a lvl20 frost. Not sure if it was green or blue tho

Not too sure. It probably has magicka stats on it but whatever. Finally out of a low rent white.

Just about 40 on this guy. I’m going to have to go over his build again. I might wait until the next update for ESO hits. I think that’s dropping at the end of the month for consoles.

Just finished the main story line on this guy. He’s almost 50 + Champion Points.

Jumped back into my Battlemage. Level 50 Champion 30. Two hand sword wielding Nord. I’ll have to watch the vid on the Nightblade. I tried making one when I was learning to play all over again and wasn’t enjoying it much.

Any advice for blacksmithing? I’m just starting to touch on it. Started making Iron armor last night. I still have a bank full of supplies from when I stopped playing last year.

Other than dismantling gear I find I don’t mess with crafting. I figure it’s more for and end game thing anyway. I’m not even sure about that as you can grind gear (or buy in Cyrodiil).

@deSoldier2001 any ideas?

Only game I cared about crafting was Gw2 as it was the only way to get Ascended gear (top stats).

If you want to rank up blacksmithing, dismantling purple or blue, plus those white extra bonus armor pieces. I was throwing all my extra junk gear in the guild bank, you can break that down if you want.

If you need gear made I have 9 traits in every craft, just not all the crafting styles (way it looks).

My gear is decent, but I was wanting to dive into attempting to make my own. Different system than other Elder Scrolls games. I’ll do more questing and collect items to dismantle then and search for ore deposits to harvest.

The Champion leveling is really fast. I thought it would be a grind but it’s not bad at all. Glad I picked the game up again.