Fallout 4 Tips Thread

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loot everything.


Store junk in your workbench instead of on your person. Materials used to craft items will automatically be broken down to make them. Just select what you want to build, and provided you have the correct amount of resources for that item, your junk will be broken down and used instead of having to manually drop the items in your base of operations and scrapping.

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fast travel with power armor does not waste its fusion core.



Pick a base of operations and use that exclusively. The skill to allow trade routes between settlements require a person from each settlement to be dedicated to the route … not worth it early on.


If you plan to keep playing after you complete the story and side missions. Don’t spend your first 20+ hours building up your settlement. You can always mess with it end game.

I probably have taken away most of the “End Game” stuff by spending all my time working on my settlement. I have a feeling some of the mats I have used I may need down the road for armor or weapons.

If you loot something you really want to keep but can’t kill the enemy that is keeping you from getting home safely run like a bitch. I managed to get the power armor from the National Guard station by running away from the robot trying to kill me.

If you don’t have the skill to pick a look keep a journal of the ones you were unable to pick. That way you can go back and get them later.

Upgrade your weapons. You can turn automatic rifles into sniper rifles among other things. I have a shotgun with 130 range and 75 damage. It has saved me so many times. The original shotgun was shit until I added mods.


I started doing this because I was running into Expert level safes in the very beginning areas of the game! Crock of shit if you ask me, but I suppose it forces you to revisit areas again.


Don’t leave Fusion cores in your power armor at your settlements. If the settlement is attacked your settlers will get in the power armor and use up your cores.


Speaking from experience? lol

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don’t leave fusion cores in safes or chests either. or anything you find valuable. settlers will take them. Cant lock the safes either.


If you are low on adhesive go to a cooking station and make vegetable starch. It breaks down to adhesive.

Before going to any vendor or even talking in settlement and town, change clothes out of your armor and into some like a suit/dress. It ups your charisma. Also don’t forget to use grape mentas for the 10% discount and 10% more for sales.

I haven’t even seen grape mentas yet. Only orange and regular.

Also if you wan’t to see really well at night change your PIP boy light to white in the Display settings.

You have to make them at a chemical station.

What’s the key for the pip boy light? It was driving me nuts the other day cause I could not remember it.

I am using a controller. Hold down B. Same button that access the pip boy.

Sounds like I need to find a home base not in a settlement to store my stuff. Any good ideas fellas? Don’t want those pesky settlers taking my stuff.

I use the gas station. That is my oasis. No settlers there.


Good look homie. Thanks!

Yea I use the gas station next to sanctuary as well.