Far Cry 5 : Tips, Tricks and Pointers

I thought I’d start this for anyone - like me - that is either new to the series or the game.

If you have any tips or suggestions of your own - including fun things to check out - just post it here.

Along with any amusing things you come across including this description of Cougar Skin:

Or this one I stole from @BalekFekete :

Tips & Tricks

For those of you just starting the game -

What to do first?

Perks are skills and abilities that make your deputy a more formidable opponent and a better survivor than the other citizens of Hope County.

Perk Points

Unlike previous Far Cry games, Far Cry 5 lets players buy new skills by collecting and spending perk points.

Perk points can be earned in a number of ways:

  • Locate Prepper Stashes
  • Every stash hidden around Hope County has three perk points to collect. This is the best way to farm perk points quickly, especially with the help of our guide.
  • Complete Challenges
  • Challenges are one of the best and simplest ways to unlock perk points - you might not even realize you’re doing it!
  • Find Survivalist Magazines
  • You can find individual copies of the survivalist magazines found in prepper stashes scattered around the map, so keep your eyes peeled!
  • Play Far Cry Arcade
  • Leveling up in Arcade will earn you cash and perk points to use in the campaign.

What to Unlock First

Once you’ve collected your first few perk points, you’ll need to figure out what perks to unlock first. Here are recommendations for how to spend your first 15 perk points:

  • Parachute (1)
  • Odds are you’ll find yourself plummeting towards the ground at high speeds - it’s always better to do that with a parachute.
  • Grapple (1)
  • This will let you reach almost any location around Hope County
  • Close Combat Gear Bag (1)
  • Because extra sidarm ammo is never a bad idea.
  • Wingsuit (4)
  • This will let you get around even faster, especially if you need to make a quick retreat from a mountainside firefight.
  • Harvest Master (8)
  • One of the best ways to earn money besides raiding Prepper Stashes is to hunt animals and sell their pelts. This perk will double the loot you take from plants and animals.

Of course, what you unlock is up to you - so spend some time checking out all your options before spending your initial perk points.

Find Your Groove

Dutch’s island is the perfect playground to explore different styles of play. Maybe take out an outpost using just a bow and your bare hands, or blow another one sky high.

Once you’ve figured out what might be your (initial) go-to fighting style, build yourself a loadout that fits. If you want to maintain maximum stealth, then a compound bow and a trusty baseball bat are the way to go. If you favor a louder approach, well, I’m sure there’s somebody with a flamethrower around here somewhere…

(There is, as soon as you get off the island head towards Holland valley and you’ll find them burning an orchard on the side of the road.)

Adopt a Dog

Every hero needs a good sidekick, and who could ask for a better one than Hope County’s resident good boy, Boomer.

While the other guns - or fangs - for hire have a lot of great qualities, Boomer is an excellent get early on since he can mark enemies and retrieve weapons for you. Plus, no matter how bad your situation gets, he’ll always be a loyal friend.

Uncover a Prepper Stash (or Two)

Prepper Stashes are a great way to gain some quick Perk Points and cash, and some even have other special rewards like unique weapons or vehicles. You’ll definitely want to hit up a stash or two early on, but we suggest your first ones be since they also unlock a vehicle, meaning you won’t need to buy one from a garage if you need a ride:

  • Holland Valley: Man Cave
  • Unlocks a customized pickup truck.
  • Henbane River: Getaway
  • Unlocks a classic muscle car.
  • Whitetail Mountains: Hangar Pains
  • Unlocks a fighter plane.

Get to Know the Locals

The population of Hope County will do their best to help your efforts against the cult. Talk to people around town or that you rescue and they’ll often give you helpful information that will lead to missions, outposts or hidden stashes.

For the Series Vets, here’s what’s new -

No More Towers

The most notable update to Far Cry 5 is the absence of the radio towers that became a series staple after Far Cry 3.

Now, instead of climbing a tower and adding all of the “to-do” items on your map, you gain information on nearby activities or items by interacting with the world around you. This can be anything from the simple act of looking at a deer crossing sign to make a new hunting spot, to liberating a van full of prisoners who warn you about a heavily-guarded outpost just up the road.


While you won’t find any F-15s or Harriers in Hope County, there addition of planes and helicopters adds a considerable amount of variety to your travel options and combat strategies.

Fast Travel Points

In previous Far Cry adventures, to unlock a Fast Travel point, you were required to liberate an outpost or fortress before it could be used.

While the outposts around Hope County do have their own fast-travel points, you’re no longer limited to fast travel just between liberated outposts. As you drive, boat and fly around the map, you’ll notice blue location markers reveal themselves as you pass by - these may also be used as fast travel points, making getting around much more convenient.
Vehicular Fast Travel

Similarly, you’re now able to fast travel while in a vehicle, and if that vehicle is a land vehicle (car, truck, or ATV), you’ll usually spawn with it at your new location.

It seems not to always work when going to locations without a nearby road, but it’s still a helpful feature.

Guns For Hire Skills

The marketing for Far Cry 5 leaned heavily on the Specialist guns for higher (Boomer, Nick Rye, Cheeseburger, etc), but the normal hired guns have also received a major update.

No longer are your guns for higher just a random group of rebels in a jeep - the citizens of Hope County all have their own skills and specialties, like sniping or melee combat. You can tell what type of soldier a new recruit is thanks to the icon that appears to their name when you speak with them, as well as on the Roster screen.


That said, the Specialists are incredibly useful in combat as well - though some moreso than others depending on the situation.

Cheeseburger and Boomer, for example, might make an awesomely deadly duo when invading an outpost, but they don’t fare too well against armored vehicles or attack aircraft.

Hurk, on the there hand, is an expert (to use the term loosely) when it comes to dealing with enemy vehicles, and Nick Rye is great at keeping enemy hunters off your tail.

No More Special Takedowns

Don’t worry- the chain, sidearm and distance takedowns are still very much alive in Far Cry 5, but mercifully absent is the need to unlock the ability to perform takedowns from above and below, or against certain types of enemies.

No Crafting Upgrades

Crafting still exists in Far Cry 5, but its importance to your progression in the game is much reduced. Instead of having to collect 4 rabbit skins and some fish bones to make a bigger ammo bag, you simply purchase the relevant perk (I.e. close combat mastery, which lets you carry more handgun ammo and melee weapons) with he perk points you’ve acquired.

Instead, you now craft homeopathic medicine, explosives, and other thrown weapons with materials you loot from around the world.

Below you’ll find tips that the Far Cry 5 tutorials may have left out, and strategies for effectively mounting your resistance against the Project at Eden’s Gate.

Adjust Your Driving Controls

It may not be a huge issue for some people, but the ability to take aim before shooting while driving (on console) has proven exceptionally useful during our playthrough. You can enable this ability by changing the driving controls in the Options section of the Pause menu.

Tab over to the Driving controls and change the control style from “Classic”, which uses the gamepad/controller triggers to accelerate and brake while shooting automatically, to “Shooter”, which lets you aim and fire with the triggers while controlling the motion of the vehicle with the left thumbstick.

Revealing the Map

If your first instinct when the world opens up is to hop in a chopper or plane and uncover as much of the map as much as you can, you’re going to be sorely disappointed.

No matter how low you fly - even in just a wingsuit - you won’t be able to lift the Fog of War covering the map from the air. The only way you can clear it is by driving, walking, or piloting a boat or a jet ski. Thankfully youll be given an excuse to visit just about every inch of the map during the missions and activities.

Thankfully, though, you’re still able to ping locations and fast travel points while flying above these areas, allowing you to fast-travel on foot or in a vehicle.

Guns For Hire Skills

Your regular guns for hire (not the Specialists) aren’t just NPCs who can pick up a gun and shoot whatever moves - they each have their own skill set.

Some are more adept at using assault rifles and shotguns, while others are more comfortable hunting silently with bows, or finding a sniper’s perch to attack from long range.

Free Weapons

In addition to purchasing them with the money you earn, you can unlock weapons in the store by collecting them out in the field.

If you really like this guy’s flamethrower, pick it up and you’ll have access to it from now on. Sure, there may be nicer weapons that you can buy, but these freebies are a great place to start building your arsenal.

Down But Not Out

You may sometimes see an enemy fall down with a red indicator above their head. That means that they’re wounded but still kickin’ - just like you or your buddy when downed in co-op - and their cultists pals are going to try to get them back on their feet just like your friends would (assuming they’re not jerks).

This can be a real pain if you’re not paying attention to them - but it’s also a great, if not a bit psychotic, strategy for luring enemies in cover out into the open for some target practice.

Free Perk Points

You can unlock new perks with points earned by completing challenges and opening Prepper Stashes, but you can also find survivalist magazines scattered throughout the county that will give you an extra skill point. Keep your eyes out in peoples houses or in hunters blinds for these helpful items.

Even More Free Perk Points

It’s also worth noting that you can also earn skill points and cash to use in the campaign by leveling up in Far Cry Arcade, be sure to jump on one of those machines located around the map.

Maps to Collectibles

You’ll probably stumble upon a collectible or two while exploring each region, like comic books or baseball cards.

There is a quest associated with each type of collectible, and when you track down the questgiver and formally start the mission, you’ll be able to purchase a map with all the locations of that collectible from a shop vendor.

Character Customization

Despite the fact that during character customization you’re told after selecting a hairstyle that your choices are final and cannot be changed, that’s not entirely true.

Your gender and face type are, in fact, locked, but you can still change your hairstyle in the Clothing Menu or under that Customization tab of the pause menu.

Secret Ending Easter Egg

[spoiler] As in Far Cry 4, you can technically beat the game in just a few minutes. [/spoiler]

[spoiler]After the opening cutscenes and the chopper ride into the PEG compound, follow the Marshall and Sherrif into Joseph’s church. Once the crowd leaves and the Marshall instructs you to arrest The Father, you can opt to do nothing instead of shackling the cult leader.[/spoiler]

[spoiler]If you stand there long enough, Sherriff Whitehorse lets fear get the better of him and the three of you abandon your mission and exit the church, leaving the cult to continue their takeover as the credits roll. [/spoiler]


In various locations throughout Hope County is a book called Mumu’s Fashion Week which is a reference to Mumu Chiffon, Pagan Min’s former designer and designer of your most fierce gear in Far Cry 4.

Occasionally guns for hire will comment how they wanted to be a deputy like you but they took a bullet to the knee. Fortunately they still join you in battle unlike the city guards of skyrim.

In a sewer pipe in between Lamb of God church and Fall’s End there is a red balloon as in It. But thankfully no Pennywise…


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Mix and match your Guns For Hire for some funny commentary. Right now I am using Sharky and Grace and Sharky is always hitting on Grace. Grace is always giving Sharky shit for his homemade flamethrower. It’s good stuff the first time you hear it. Gets old after awhile.

I’m kicking myself for not taking a screen shot of the letter about baby farms, and now I can’t remember where it was.

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Very nice @beers_and_leafs. I have played every version of Far Cry since the first. They are always a fun game to jump into and just have some fun running around, being sneaky or just starting a firefight for the hell of it. There are lots of things to see and do. I have my own couple of suggestions and warnings for your play thru.

  1. The game looks fantastic and the music are great. Be sure to spend some time running around on foot. Talk to everyone you can. That is the best way to find all the prepper caches and secrets. If your flying or fast traveling you may miss some fun stuff. This will also let you hunt and loot animals all the time for the cash.

  2. The main story quests are good, and very disturbing. If you haven’t completed the Jacod Seed quest line, there are some awful revelations about your main villain. Not gonna lie, it was tough for me to hear it and I saw it coming. They don’t shy away from a horrible story.

  3. The side quests are great for the variety and laughs. Same with the companions. Have fun with that.

  4. I did not like that they took all the gun challenges away and reduced the amount of specialty guns. They did a good job on the cool paint jobs and stuff, but they are too easy to buy. I easily saved for the .50 cal sniper and have’t used any other rifle. Same for the ak-47. They are the best guns and were easy to buy.

  5. Also, you do not get a chance to start the final Jacob Seed mission. That may be a spoiler but as soon as your resistance gets high enough it automatically starts. I did not like that. I like to finish out all the side stuff before I do the last story mission. Its not that it still doesnt let you do the side missions, I guess its a gaming ocd thing.

I have cleared 2 of the 3 areas and am about 98% complete on each. I have really enjoyed the game and will probably do more than 1 play thru. I tend to sneak around and use silenced weapons for liberating outposts and missions. I will not do so after the first play thru.


Something I just found out…

You can fast travel with a vehicle. I had never tried before as I play on foot 80% of the time. If it was in Beer’s post above sorry. I didn’t read it all as I knew everything I had read.

It wasn’t above there, as I just learnt this last night myself.

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Thanks for the warning about resistance points and starting the Jacob Seed mission. I was trying to clear the other areas as well and take my time finishing the story. I like to make the games I really enjoy last a bit longer to delay my boredom til the next. I can also see myself doing more than one play through.

Live events are live as of yesterday. To complete them you have to opt in by opening your menu and going to the online tab and then clicking on the live events box.

You get silver bars for completing the solo event as well as a Prestige flamethrower this time around. The community challenge gets you a new outfit. The community challenge for this week is already completed so just sign up to get that outfit.

This challenge requires you to kill animals with fire without using a flamethrower or molotovs. I used incendiary rounds in the shotgun.


You can use the repair tool to catch animals and enemies on fire. As well as get rid of wasp nest without them attacking you.

Will be when it gets here lol


I am!


You have it @SoInZane ?

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Not yet but will get it soon…


Okay cool. Cause we need to get back to gaming together again!


Just a tip ( :smirk: ) The flamethrower sucks up close. Every time I use it i catch myself on fire. Seriously, it’s a fun weapon, but I hate it.

I play it, about half way through the main campaign.

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