Fortnite Battle Royal

Fortnite Battle Royale is the FREE 100-player PvP mode in Fortnite. One giant map. A battle bus. Fortnite building skills and destructible environments combined with intense PvP combat. The last one standing wins. Available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One & Mac.

Anybody try this Battlegrounds rip off yet? It’s free to play. Nice 11+ GB download. I’m going to give it a try since we don’t have Battlegrounds on XB1 yet.


I’m gonna give it a try. Seen a couple of streams of it. Looks pretty fun. And since no battlegrounds on xbone yet, why not? It’s also kinda funny that Bluehole is pissed at Epic for this. We may not get a Pubg 2 haha.

I set it up for download today, so I should have it tonight. Looks fun, interested to see how the building aspect changes it.

Got it downloaded, Has anyone tried it yet?

Nice to see this type of gameplay hit the console.

I tried it for a few minutes before dinner. Kid said it was a complete ripoff.

I didn’t build anything. And I couldn’t figure out how to crouch. Not sure if you can. You can squad up with 3 others. So we’ll have to get a grg squad out there.

Yes, just found this out.

Played a few rounds tonight. Got to #4. Not too bad.

We definitely need to get a GRG squad running.


Thank you. Now he will look like an idiot complaining about that on the ReaperCast.

Downloaded it.
Need to find some time to give it a play.
Maybe next week sometime, busy this weekend.

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They aren’t actually pissed that it is a clone. They are pissed that Epic used PUBG’s name to advertise their game and had insider information on PUBG since Epic makes the engine that PUBG runs on. It has nothing to do with it being a clone/ripoff.


Oh i know. I wasn’t clear enough. They think that since Epic helped them with Pubg that they stole assets and used Pubg in their advertising. I don’t remember what the comment made was. I just think it’s funny that they bite the hand that feeds them, so to speak. I can see it now. Pubg 2 ideas start flowing and they go to license the Unreal 4 or whatever to make the game. Epic denies. Now they have to remake the game entirely on a new engibe and have it play similar enough to the original to satisfy fans. It will be funny tovwatch it all unfold if it goes that route.

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Buy @anon42851937’s it’s like new in box. He might of worn it once. Now he’s in search for a headset for his Switch.


I messed around with this a little on PS4 yesterday. I enjoyed it. I need to work on not getting snuck up on, but a team should help that.

Same, last night did a few matches on the XB1. Fun game. Glad this happened. Guess PUBG needs to hurry if they dont like it.


Played a few matches over my week long staycation last week. Got in the top 10 a few times. Supply drops are coming this week I think.

Wow supply drops.
Vehicles next?

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I hope they are Dacias and motorbikes with sidecars.


I was waiting all weekend to get to my laptop to write about this game! I downloaded it Friday night and have put about 10 hours of gaming into already, This game is super enjoyable and I cant stop playing it! I find it only fun when your in a party of four and there’s communication involved, You can get really tactical and come up with amazing war plans to ambush the baddies!! I have already won a few rounds and unlocked the umbrella glider as a badge of honor for my victories, the premise of this game is to be the last man/team standing, You start 100 plays deep and get dropped into a huge open world map where you must go village to village ransacking and raiding houses for different and stronger weapons, but there’s a catch, as time passes throughout the game the field of play shrinks into a small circle, You must stay within this circle to survive… You can play in a Solo map where is all vrs all or you can play in a squad map, where 25 teams of 4 must compete to be the last team standing. now with squads you can get really creative with you gameplay, For example my team would send one guy to flank an enemy squad from the side with either grenades or RPG’S while the rest ambush from the front with guns blazing. With the right team and communication there is no possible way you will be putting this game down for awhile… I urge everyone to download it and hit me up on Xbox One to play!!! I look forward to winning with you guys

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Have the supply crates dropped yet?

How many in GRG have this game, and what platforms? @Lala_Calamari @ixL0N3W0LFxi and I played on Tuesday, and I really enjoyed it.

Just set t to DL on Xbox. I’ll give it a shot