Global Event #4 Ambush

Jan 23rd thru Jan 30th starts the next global event for tom Clancy’s the division. similar to destiny’s iron banner. this time they will be rewarding classified gear set pieces for AlphaBridge, Firecrest, Tactician’s Authority, and Hunter’s Faith. along with three new event masks. let me know if anyone is interested in grinding this event also. i’ll have a event posted on the calendar. along with some info on the classified gear sets and the masks.


Event masks

Alpha Bridge
Hunters faith
Tacticians authority

Here are some videos that highlight the classified gear sets

Oh boy. Might have to fire up some Division.

Got your alphabridge back up

Damn it, I am traveling that whole week for work. I’ll be back for the weekend only but will also plan to grind it out.

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I fired it up last week and it’s still a fun game to jump back into and shoot things. I’ll have to check out that global event.

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I’ll be grinding it all week, but I am gonna be running a fireteam Saturday night the 27th. I am starting at 8 pm est and running til whenever. Hit me up if you want to run with me

Hit me up and I’ll run with you @APMech12

Sounds good @quantumklutz. I’ll track you down sometime during that week.

Just picked the game up again. Lowly gear 182 so will have some significant grinding to do! Looking forward to hooking up with GRG again in the DZ!

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I played some this weekend, but looking forward to the GE going live

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The global event goes live tomorrow morning at 7 am est. The event missions are Broadway emporium, queens tunnel, police academy, time square, and dragon’s nest. Missions. The modifiers are ambush agents deal more damage while stationary

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Both me and @ReaperMan10 should be on and depending on hjow many we have we can run two fire teams

If I’m on tomorrow night it won’t be until later have bowling earlier

here is the reddit post for global event 4

I’ll be on as much as time allows trying to get my head wrapped around the game again. Installed and booted it up briefly last night and was summarily lost. Feels like a new game - which is good. :slight_smile:

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the modifier on diminishing heath is rough.

Logged on for a little bit this morning and got my first superior cache. And got two classified gear pieces. I will definitely be grinding my ass off all week

Same, did not see you on. Got enough to buy a superior and a regular. Got two classified and a Barretts chest piece (FINALLY!)