Greetings from Shadowboxer - New XB1 User

Hello everyone! My name is Jason. I’m 39…from Virginia but living in Wisconsin. I love music and sports! I’m currently a stay-at-home step parent to my fiances 2 children, boy(11) girl(7). We’re all gamers.

I have been a member of a 30+ XBOX community for about 5 years. I’ve met some wonderful people and made some life long gaming friends. Unfortunately…the community has died down. The forums are slow and there just aren’t enough members anymore. So here I am!

I currently game primarily on the XBOX One. I still have my 360, but the kids play that mostly. For the most part I prefer FPS and I’ve played COD exclusively since MW2, but I’ve had enough. I’ve lost interest since Black Ops 2. I’ve had enough of all the boost jumping and wallrunning garbage.

I’m currently playing Battlefield 1 and I’m seeking others for the same. I do want to add that I’m still a Battlefield noob after all these years of COD. So please bear with. I do hold my own and I PTFO. Feel free to add me, xSHADOWBOXERx or drop your GT and I’ll add you.

I can usually be found playing later in the evenings between 8-2am CST. I do have a headset but I don’t use it often. It’s hard to smoke, drink, yell at my 'ol lady and cuss at teammates simultaneously.

Well…I guess that’s about it. I look forward to meeting/gaming with some of you and thanks for having me!


Welcome to the site. Was a stay at home Dad for 6 years and it was harder work than actually going to any previous management job!

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Welcome to the asylum.

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Welcome to GRG! I’ve added you to the GRG Battlefield players group. I’ve also add you to my friends list.

XBox GT - Lala Calamari

We’ll get you in some games. Also, if you see any of us online feel free to hop into our party.

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Welcome to GRG. FR sent.
GT: The Body Farmer

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Welcome to the community. There are certainly a lot of active Xbox users both on the forums and online nightly. Looking forward to gaming with you soon. The battlefield group is highly active so I’m sure you won’t have a problem getting into a game. Don’t hesitate to jump in a party and say hello.

GT Cptnkillr

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Welcome, If you want to expand your library we have a group tonight playing Titanfall 2. GT Sniper T1 on the X1.

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GT beers and leafs

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IWelcome. CaptainPeeJ on XB1. Love me some battlefield! Although, our game times might not line up. I’m east coast and usually on 7:30-9:30.

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Welcome to GRG!

TexasReaperCrew on XB1

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Welcome to GRG! Sent a FR your way!

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Welcome! I mainly play Destiny, BF1, and TF2 on xbox one. feel free to add me if ya want! GT is same as my name on here.

Glad you made it over… you know where to find me already. See you on the Battlefield!

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Hey man. GT is Mohawk Viking. Add me!