GRG Call of Duty WW2 Tournament 11/29 Sign Ups Thread

Now that we have a quality Call of Duty title out it’s time to talk TOURNAMENT!!! We are long overdue for a proper GRG Tournament! Time to pick sides, talk trash and teabag each other! GRG takes it’s tournaments very seriously, it’s for bragging rights after all. What team here has the biggest CoD Peen? It’s time to find out. Coming this November 29th we will hold our first Call of Duty WW2 Tournament.

This thread is for those interested in playing on 11/29 (standard GRG Community Night). This thread is a sign up for those that can play that night. We’ll sort teams out once we have a tally on participants. If you’re about 100% sure you can play, sign up here. Those unsure or “maybe” will be slotted as subs. We always try to make sure everyone can play. If everyone shows and we have enough subs, we will slot them on teams (we’ll go big if need be).

We also need Captains for the teams. People willing to organize their teams and get people playing and practicing before hand. Also, they will need to verify that their team will be in attendance on the 29th. It’s really a simple job, even Gunny can do it. We will need at least 4 people.

Just so everyone understands, this is for shits and giggles. Leave your butthurt feelings at the door. It’s a way to get everyone playing with people they may not have had a chance to game with. A good ice breaker. We’ll try to balance the teams but in all honesty, we suck at that. One team will crush everyone, one team will probably be a dumpster fire. It happens and whatever. It’s all in good fun.

So that said, who’s ready to kick some ass on the 29th? Sign up here. Let’s get this thing started!

PS. @Scuba_Steve1984 is trying to get something rolling for the @PlayStationPlayers group. If at the very least run a night of Free For All. We’ll try to come up with some special “GRG” Game modes for that. Don’t miss out!



Need more PS4 people to sign up for this!



In, Captain.

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Yup… Sign me up Whore!

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I’m there.


I’m in.
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I’ll be there.

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In for butt hurting

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Good, because I’m gonna lube my cock, plenty for you.


Just realized this is on my birthday…yippee for me I get win the first tourney of the season on my birthday.


this may be your worst painday after your cod flogging.

We need more people signing up! Don’t miss out on a good time.


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Im in. anchor player on the dumpster fire team.

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I should be there. I can captain a team also

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I’m in, please sign me up.

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I am in, however, it this just for the sexbox, or PS4 as well? Also, did you have a start time in mind? For me, it will have to be 9pm, or later.

@Xxbrimarieloaded will probably play too…she can be on my team I guess…

I am in. Having a lot of fun with the game so far.

yes ill join

I’m not sure we have enough people to form teams for the PS4 CoD tournament. Maybe run that as a Free For All if the @PlayStationPlayers sign up.

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