GRG CoD Tournament 11/29 Teams, Rules and Game Schedule.

We’ll be announcing game modes soon.


@FetalInjury @deSoldier2001 @GrayBush @NOODLES

Grex’s Team

@DuvalFunk @brokain @Gunny @BullRhino

MNVikefan’s Team

@Ripply @bigtrees86 @HAWKLANDER @Mowerguy90

Lala Calamari’s Team

@beers_and_leafs @APMech12 @Sniper_T1 @DirtyD125

Extras / subs

We’ll try to slot these players in somehow.

Game Rules

Each round will consist of 2 games. Tie breakers will be total # of Kills. Captains are required to keep tabs on the total number of kills. Top two teams face off in a championship round.

Game Modes

Round 1

  • London Docks - Dom
  • Flak Tower - HC TDM

Round 2

  • Pointe Du Hoc - HC Kill Confirmed
  • Ardennes Forest - CTF

Round 3

  • USS Texas - HC KC
  • Aachen - Dom

Championship Round

  • Pointe du Hoc - HC TDM
  • London Docks - KC
  • USS Texas - CTF

Game Schedule

Round 1

  • Digital’s Team vs Grex’s Team
  • Vikes Team vs Lala’s Team

Round 2

  • Digital’s Team vs Vikes Team
  • Grex’s Team vs Lala’s Team

Round 3

  • Digital’s Team vs Lala’s Team
  • Grex’s Team vs Vikes Team

Is it too late to sign up?

At the moment yes. But we do have a list of subs. I’m sure we’ll need them or if we can we’ll place all of them on a team and make the games 6v6 instead of 5v5.

Soooo not to hop on the time change thing being that I live in AZ and never change my clock what time does this shindig start my time?

9 PM EST. are you 2 or 3 hours behind?

Not sure it is 147 here

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Theres an update today so get on and load it up prior to the tournament
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Not gonna make after work late my bad

FYI, we will start at 9 pm est.

I can sub!

Good times tonight gang!

Yup def fun but wow I sucked tonight. I’ve got no excuses but it was prison rapish bad. Just damn.

Must have been with lala cause he’s very prison rapish and was willing

I had the most fun playing COD in quite awhile. Good times tonight. Being on the first place team was rewarding as hell .

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Congrats to Team MNVikesfan!

Good games tonight. I had a blast. I liked the 2 games per round as it got us wrapped up by 11 (even with the late-ish start).

Sorry that teams got whacked. Fortunately we only had one drop but we managed to get an additional player per team. Sorting people out on the fly kind of screwed with balance. This is why it’s so important to visit the forum, be a part of the community and sign up for the events. We really need to know so we can properly plan.

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Damn to bad I wasn’t able to make it.

oh, I have screenshots of the end of the rounds. Shame!

I would like to thank my team for carrying my ass last night. Tied round one (lost to tie breaker), got our ass handed to us by Vikes & Noah in round two, and tied in round 3 (winning the tie breaker). We also were undefeated in Domination. Good stuff guys.

@SALT @FetalInjury @deSoldier2001 @GrayBush @necrofraggle

Imagine what we could have done if we could have practiced.

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and the potaoish decisions…everyone know what team they’re on?

But, overall good times and congrats to team Stacked.

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