GRG Community Night 11/18 Black Ops 3 or SW Battlefront

Another Wednesday, another GRG Community night. We’re expecting to run several lobbies tonight with two great games. Our focus will be Black Ops 3 and Star Wars Battlefront. Last week we ran several custom games in our BLOPs 3 Private lobby. Lets do the same this week. Also, Battlefront is out. Time to kill some Rebel Scum!


Disney will be running the XBox BLOPS3 room and Klown will be running the PS4’s BLOPS3 room. We need someone to run the Battlefront lobbies. Please let us know if you’ll be on and on what system.

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I’ll be on and ready for some BLOPS3 action!

Black Ops 3 for me. See y’all there

Is there interest in a Battlefront room on the Xbox side? I’ll run BF if there is, otherwise I’ll play Black Ops 3.

Black Ops 3 tonight for me

BO3 for me on XB1, I’ll be there

BO3 XB1 Wednesday

I will be up for some battle front on xbone

BO3 for me !!!

I will be up for some battle front on xbox tonight

I’ll be on around 9 EST for Battlefront.

FOR THE EMPIRE. I have more treatments tonight but Dino said he is up for either

BO3 xb1 for me

Was going to play BLOPS but @anon42851937 offered me some perfectly aged Nebraskan corn to join him.

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Yeah…I know how to fill a room!

Also, @Disneynut68 doesn’t like me being included in anything so I can’t play BLOPS.

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i will be on playing BF on XB1

Johnny just did not include you on the Xbox Preview Program .

Blippity Bloppity. I’ll camp a corner and shoot shit out of the sky.

BLOPS 3 on the X1.