GRG Community Night 11/9 - Evolve Yourself Edition

We’re dedicating this week’s Community Night to @EvolveYourself who recently passed away. Let’s all gather up, grab a drink of choice and break each other’s balls in memory of Evolve. Teabagging and douchebaggery welcomed.

We have several games set for tonight’s community night. Something for everyone! Expect to see the Destiny neckbeards (@DestinyPlayers) grinding away in the Iron Banner in search of more and better loot. The CoD die hards playing with their Space Marines (or old school MW remake) (@CODPlayers). Then we’ll have squads running rampant on the Battlefield for BF1 (@BattlefieldPlayers). Maybe @HAWKLANDER and @Gunny will run into WW1 NPCs that they met during the Great War! Don’t forget some Titanfall 2 action on the XB1 and PS4 (@TitanfallPlayers) and finally the Gearheads in GoW4 (@GoWPlayers).

Look for things to pick up around 9:00PM EST.

So what are you playing and on what console?

As always, feel free to join in on any GRG Staff Member.

I’ll be on BF1 if it’s slow I will switch to something else.

I’ll be on around 8:30 Central playing Battlefield 1.

I’ll be on destiny getting abused in iron banner.

I can play BF1, Gears 4 or Titanfall 2.

I’ll start out in Destiny, hopefully being carried by Lala again. Most likely end up switching to BF1 at some point if it’s poppin

I’d love to play Destiny, but since I basically just started from scratch, I’d drag Lala down.

I will be in the IB cursing at that damn Bungie RNG.


Made out like a bandit last night. 3 exotic drops and a 396 and 393 legendary. That may be all I get for the rest of the week though. Better lucky than good. I will be on IB tonight.

Better to be lucky than good, right??

Edited to say I didn’t read your full post at first, only that you made out like a bandit. It’s scary that I had the same thought as you.

I might not be on as I’m making an emergency call to a therapist now.

I’m traveling tonight so sadly can’t make it. RIP Evolve

I unfortunately still dont feel well enough to game :scream:(I know right) but will be thete in spirit toss one back for me guys

See ya’ll on Battlefield

I will try and get home to game with the Potato Chips, but either way I will be tossing back a few in honor of Evolve.

I’ll be in destiny. Rocking the superblack shader in honor of our fallen comrade

Sorry to miss this. Internet has been crap for about 3 weeks now. pay for 5/50 and was getting 5/1 if I was lucky the last 3 weeks It took TWC taking calls from multiple people in the neighborhood for them take action. Well clearly it’s not fixed it just crapped out while I was trying to make this post