GRG Community Night 3/9 The Division



Tonight is GRG’s Community Night. This week we will focus on the Shiny Penny we’ve all been waiting on, The Division. Let’s squad up, kick some ass and earn epic loot.


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I’ll be on but a bit later tonight. Kid’s basketball practice, after that I’ll be looking for a squad to shoot fools in the face!

I’ll be on around 8pm

I know @Lala_Calamari will be later, but if @Grex ,@fatclemenza12 and anyone else that has only just done the first mission to unlock the medical unit want to team up, I’ll be on at 8. Unless there are other plans, like trying to fill up a DZ or something.

I will be on. Willing to help anyone starting out, main mission wise I have the Subway left to unlock the last wing of my base.

Yup… I’ll Be starting out

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Count me in. Just unlocked my second wing this morning. Think I’m barely a lvl 6. If you guys see me on there hit me up.

around 5:30-6pm est for me. willing to help with whatever…

yes i will be on tonight. get a team together for the second mission.

I’ll be on tonight. Just starting out, since last night didn’t give me a chance to get on.

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Level 13, would be higher level but I keep redoing stuff I already done to play with people and get them going. I’ll be on all day today so if by chance you see me alone hit me up. I’d rather get a bunch of people I know leveled up then get to max level and have nobody to play with.

Even tho I know you’ve been able to spend more time in-game than I have so far, still grinds my gears a little bit lol! I’ll have to play catch up on the weekend :wink:

Wansy Will Be On tonight, on XB1.
Add me if you haven’t already.
Message me if you see me running around and what to squad up.
Note: I am notorious for leaving my game on pause for hours or days potentially
(just a heads up if i dont respond, that is probably why.)

Happy Hunting!

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The division is confusing me. Running with a group should help that. I’ll be on tonight to do just that.

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True fact - Texans struggle with math.

Thanks. That’s what I typed out, must be autocorrect to blame

I will be on after 8 tonight. I think I am a level 8 or 9. Still just figuring the game out. Definitely more fun partying up than wandering around alone.

I thought we had a decent foursome, but i’m POSITIVE you stole my beanie and scared away my bum…

Yeah, good times and good progress. I am still beanieless though. Maybe better luck tonight.

Get better!