GRG Iron Potato Tournament Team List

Teams have been selected for GRG’s Iron Potato Tournament! Everyone thank or blame @valiantvictory as he put a lot of time into checking stats and trying to balance teams.

Team Captains need to start organizing their teams. First, make sure everyone will be online July 18th before 9PM EST. Then try to schedule a few nights of practice. Get Gud!

Team 1

@ezekielJP - Captain
@Ronin AKA HeartlessKahn

Team Sandy Vag

@Lala_Calamari Captain and MLG Expert

Team 3

@ixL0N3W0LFxi Captain (Voluntold capt. :rofl: )
@LudwigVonTokkenTakke (You have it on xbox???)

Team 4

@Grex Captain

Current Sub List:


His PS4 died or summat.
He always had an Xbox (I think), just no titles on it.
So he went out and bought D2 on Xbox, starting over.
Rather than shelling out for a new PS4.

This was literally all in the Iron Potato signup thread…

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Is it to late to sign up? :rofl:

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There’s still space on the Subs list.

Or we can put you in the stands with @anon3687162 and @anon42851937, eating popcorn and laughing.

Wait!?! I’m a Captain? … you dirty bleep
Were you guys gonna tell me before the Tourney?

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I think they just did. :beers:

Yeah…it’s before the tourney.

Like I concern myself with you peons.

@ixL0N3W0LFxi I drafted you as you ended up on a team of mostly new GRG and I did not want to put myself as a lead due to a business trip to philly on Monday-Wednesday next week…so I drafted you (reserve activation clause) I know you can do it, you will be great

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Here’s what happens when I lead a GRG team…
See you can tell I’m the leader because I’m standing in front of the team!!!
You guys have been warned!

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Well shit

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Shit. That team 1 is going to be a pain in the ass. When are we going to begin practicing?!? I’m homealone this weekend, so I’m ready to tear shit up!!!

Scared? Get a dog.

Don’t worry, my back pack is huge.

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I’m no Pete Rose but I say 2,1, 3, 4 remember if I play our team tends to lose…sorry zeke

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Lmao @valiantvictory I’ve seen screen caps of your good games I think you have some skills lodged deep within…

You think wrong then.

I can get on to practice this weekend, or Monday night or Tuesday night, just let me know when. @Lala_Calamari

We need team names, not numbers. That’s not very GRG like.

Team 2 will now be known as Team Sandy Vag.

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